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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Orting, Washington on 2017-10-16 23:05:00 - Orting orbs or hovering craft, usual aircraft patterns and light activity

I was inside my 2 story home (2nd floor), laying in bed, to my right is the window (window is centered in my room). my blinds were up just a foot or so. something outside was blinking red, caught my peripheral vision...Thought a helicopter was off in the distance), but as i was starring, immediately two things were off to me....There was absolutely no movement. not up, down, right or left, nor did it appear to be moving away. the thing is, even with that distance and window shut, i expected to hear the usual helicopter engine noise. that hovering really spooked me the most. i grabbed my camera phone in hopes to capture what i saw. most frustrating thing i learned, the object or light did not appear on camera as big as it appeared to me with the naked eye. also i was frustrated that zooming in causes lights to appear as they are moving as you physically adjust phone in an attempt to keep object on camera. other annyonmolly was when zooming in, lots of lights were being captured that i never saw with the naked eye. another problem, i reviewed it twice, there were additional lights i never saw while filming when gazing beyond my screen and most likely missed when not looking at my screen. in reviewing, i could tell and remember i was not zoomed in. yet (besides the stars i tried focusing on) i did not see those white flashing lights with the naked eye. i wasn't always watching my screen as i tried to look beyond for the original cause of my observation. yet, other unknowns were flashing through my screen when i was not moving or zoomed in. i only noiticed upon review. besides the neighbors lights to my far left, house lights in my trees from home across the valley on the other hillside, two stars i focused on, the original object in question......There were no other lights or blinking lights, or any zipping lights that appeared to my naked eye. i did noticed lots of lights on my screen when i zoomed in. i noticed none when i was fully zoomed out and was looking at my screen. i now know after review, there were a few. i'm not sure why there were so many lights filling my screen like that when i zoomed in. i lost sight of the original object after it slowly traveled (2nd appearance) to my right and my tall evergreens blocked my view. digital photos attached. they are showing my bedroom window with blindes up partially, which allowed me to see that light. photos with flash showing neighbors house to my left, showing horizon of tree tops where object and orb lights were seen hovering. tree line to my right where it eventually traveled and was no longer seen. photos to my right showing light in trees (that house on the hillside across my valley), the two stars right of the end of my immediate backyard tree line.

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Credit: MUFON

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