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Sunday, October 1, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Manitoba on 2008-05-07 00:00:00 - There weren't

*to say i kept this a secret for a long time, aright here we go* i was a young child, going through a tough time being bullyed called names and such, some children go through but mine was worse, anyway to report, when i went bed, in my dreams i saw a being that was tall than a normal human but i wasn't scared when "it" approach me it didn't move it legs when "it" got closer, i saw what it was wearing robes with symbols and big mask there were symbols where the cheeks should be the symbols depicted what i only assume was humans on the left and earth on right of the mask it spoke to me it said "child do not be afraid my intention are peaceful" it voice was that of a female and it echo inside my dream i didn't bother to say anything i just stared at symbols, curious of what they mean "it" said "child you do not fear me why is that?" it ask me, i answer by saying "this isn't the first time seeing strange things" i replied "it" tilted it head then it said "child do you want to learn and see the truth that your leaders had hidden from you" after "she" said that i was thinking then i said "yes i want to see the truth" i said a arm revealed it self under the robes and place it aganist my fore head, a rush full of unkown energy went to my head and that when i saw everything that our leaders has hid us from then i woke up having a worst possible headache, after finishing a other day of suffering i laid down my bed fell asleep i found my self in a different area than i saw "her" standing alone watching the view then she turn her head towards my direction "are you ready to learn child?" 'she' said, after those few days "she" tought me her langue and different aspects of life and such they were different then our understanding of them, before "she" left me she told me "child the path that all of humanity is going is not only going be end of your species but others as well, you must spread the message i am giving you" she said i nod "we have watch your species live, for a long time and see no improvements your species will die like the others in the galaxy that have failed, if you do not change then your species will be one of them" she said i said "i will teacher" she said "i am not your teacher anymore, it is your turn to be the teacher and humanity is your students child" i smiled and nod though in my head there are being that we connot see but they can see us in this realitie defy our understanding of phsyics and logic anyway, she look at me and said "child i will be leaving you but you must spread the message i have giving you" i nod sadly she was leaving me after the things she tought me but she told me forgiveness was key, and so that day forward i kept it a secret for a long time and i must do it now cause war might break lose and maybe i'll find my peace for not sharing this.

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Credit: MUFON

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