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Sunday, October 29, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Menston, England on 2017-10-27 17:38:00 - Looking out of kitchen window- no sound and no fuel trail. looked reflective with a possible blinking light infrequently. sometimes it looks like a ball and sometimes like dum bells

I was washing the dishes in my kitchen on friday evening / afternoon and i looked out of my kitchen window and saw something that looked very much like a ufo but very sceptical and would totally understand it if you said it's a different type of plane. however there was no sound from the plane nor a trail behind it. it was either white or reflective silver with what i think looked like two spherical balls joined together but sometimes it looked like a ball and it also looked like it was spinning from the video but can't be 100% sure of the last fact. it has a sort of shade underneath and the more i look at it it reminds me of the look of a metal chinese stress ball. it's hard to tell as it looks so bright. it was filmed on my iphone so the quality isn't great but it picked it up enough for people to think what the heck is it. i honestly didn't know what to think at first as we over look an airport and see planes all the time but this was unlike any plane i've ever seen and i've seen a fair few in my time. it looked like it was going in a constant speed even though the video is deceptive as i was moving down some outside steps to get a better view of it so that gave an elusion that it was moving in a zig zag pattern but i don't think that was the case. i would like someone to tell me what the heck it was and let me know if you think it was just an experimental no sound plane of some kind. i filmed it from looking up in the direction of my garden at the rear of the house. i went outside to get a better look and as it travelled north my view of the object was hampered by the terrace buildings. i felt quite excited that i might have filmed something out of the ordinary. you can hear my 1 year old daughter in the background shouting 'daddy' as she wanted my attention but clearly my attention was elsewhere.

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Credit: MUFON

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