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Monday, October 30, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Greenwood Village, Colorado on 2017-10-29 20:25:00 - Large triangle moving across night sky that displayed red corner lights as moved out to sw

1. what was i doing: on a deck in the backyard observing the night sky looking west. 2. what made me notice the object: the movement of the object (triangle/v shaped object moving roughly n/nw to sw) and dim light/obstruction in the the cloudless night sky. there were no significant clouds in the sky during the sighting and the object obscured the sky/stars behind it during the sighting. the object was not bright but it was large (larger than my thumb with my arm extended). at the end of the sighting there were slowly blinking red lights on the tips of the triangle (i saw two lights and the other witness saw three). 3. what did i think the object was: my first reaction was that it could be a b2 bomber close to v shaped (if viewed from the bottom) in the n/nw that became more of a triangle shape (change in angle?) as it moved out of sight in the sw - however my reaction was that object was far to large (larger than my thumb with my arm extended) to be anything that you'd see in the sky and it grew dim and then brightened which a plane doesn't do. 4. describe the object/actions: it moved roughly from n/nw to sw. the object came in higher in the sky to the nw and then moved lower in the sky as it disappeared to the sw. as it moved across the sky it would dim almost out of sight and you could see could see the outline/it obscured the sky/stars behind it and then fade back into view. during the 1st 10-20 seconds of the sighting there were no blinking lights on the object but in the last 5-10 seconds of the sighting there were slowly blinking red lights on the tips of the triangle shape. it became much harder to see as it went toward the sw with the exception of the slowly blinking red lights - of which i saw two (sides?) and which my son saw three (all three corners). 5. describe feelings/reactions: my reaction was the object wasn't supposed to be there or we weren't supposed to see it. i called to my son who was in the lower yard to come up to the deck which he did and he was able to see the last 5-10 seconds and his reaction was the same - that the object was to big (huge or far to close), strange obfuscation of night sky, blinking red lights and that it shouldn't be there. 6. how did i lose sight: it moved to the sw and dropped in elevation in the sky and moved out of view/horizon. as the object moved toward the sw three small/dim/slowly blinking red lights could be seen on the tips of the triangle shape. two drawings one from both witnesses attached

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Credit: MUFON

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