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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Apex, North Carolina on 2017-09-28 20:03:00 - Large glowing orb directly above farm house. i witnessed from less than 70 feet. chased by helicopter. it returned saturday sept 30th and was witnessed by neighbors.

I walked from the farm house to my jeep in the courtyard and thought it was unusually bright in the yard. i opened the jeep door and the light went out. i turned and looked up and there was a glowing orb directly above the house and at the same height as the tree line. it beamed a light and it hit me in the head. i just kept looking at it. it started to descend toward me and i heard a helicopter. instead it rose up above the barn and i grabbed my 7 x 50 nikon binoculars and zoomed right in on it as it arched up. is was just a big ball of light. and then it turned over my open land toward jordan lake and the helicopter came into view and went right for the orb and they both disappeared. over the tree line. the helicopter had a red and green light and was otherwise dark, but not silent. on sunday morning oct 1, i received a call from my neighbor behind the treeline- 2 acres away who reported to me by phone that a "drone" was operating over my property, right over the farm house, on saturday night between 10 and midnight. i was not there. the trail cam was tripped at 11:11 pm and took numerous photos of the house. i have set up the trailcam now to face the top of the house and fully expect it to return. now- i have researched this and it may be a military exercise called dark dart where by helicopters try to find drones. the roof of the farmhouse was recently painted and is reflective aluminum and it was my impression it was hiding from infrared. also i perceived the orb itself to have a very specific type of glow, it was not alien to me, and seemed chemical in nature. it was very close to me and i had the binoculars and was able to zoom right in and observe it fly up and down and then arch.

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Credit: MUFON

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