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Saturday, October 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Clarksville, Arkansas on 2017-10-24 20:43:00 - Orange flares in precise sequence and separation quickly dimming from dull red to invisible ejected from dim white intermittently pulsing lights viewed at 50x in telescope

Orange flares appeared like previous night at 2043 cst near pleides at 8degrees above horizon then nothing for 10 minutes .Between 75 to 90 degrees heading and between 4 to 8degrees above horizon numerous flares eventually acquired and viewed through meade etx90ra maksutov-cassegrain scope at close to 50x magnification and half degree field of view. steady dim intermittent pulsating white light est.6 to 7 magnitude compared to regular stars tracked and observed ejecting orbs that glowed relatively brighter and amber before immediately dimming to dull red then invisible with final afterglow revealing circular outline of indeterminate size because actual distance unknown . looked up to see bright flares while wondering why i wasnt being blinded while looking through telescope.I must of been peering into nucleus of event that produce some field or aura greater than scope field of view.White pulsers barely visible to naked eye as they moved back and forth like farmer plowing and seeding a field with mechanical planter for lack of better analogy.Event lasted 4 to 5minutes then abrupt end before i could get phonecam up and running to see if ccd chip detected infrared emissions from orb clusters.Take your phone cam and point at infrared led on tv remote control while pressing buttons. you have an ir detector in your pocket for ready use on these ufos. i called 911 and was informed a"woman in lamar "had reported "airplanes" to the west,operator said she could not give info about other caller. distance therefore between 0 and 12 miles,regardless.If at least 5 or so miles then orbs could be size of a fridge, small car or maybe even larger guessing from what i saw, so what about the white pulser that launched them then?

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Credit: MUFON

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