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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Ocean City, Maryland on 1972-06-30 15:45:00 - Viewed saucer during summer of 1972. it hovered for a couple of min. and then shot thru the clouds until it disappeared .

One day during the summer of 1972, my friend and i had enjoyed a day at the beach in ocean city md. we left to go home (northern va area) at about 3:30 pm. the roads were very crowded and so our travel was very slow. within 15-25 minutes our travel was stopped because all the cars nearby had stopped and people were out of their cars looking to the left. i tried to see what they were looking at when the sun glinted off an object to my left. i was astounded to see a disk-like ufo hovering at just over tree level. i thought it must be some kind of joke or something but by this time people were screaming and honking their car horns. i continued to view the object as it hovered. it seemed to wobble as though riding the air currents. i did notice something unusual about its outer surface. the bubble on top did not move but the lower part of the ufo was spinning. it also seemed the upper and lower parts might not be joined completely. it made me wonder if that might be part of how the craft operated. i didn't hear any noise from the craft but then people and cars were making a lot of noise. the sighting first startled me, than amazed me and finally i admit i was a little frightened. my poor friend was so freaked out she was crying and just said over and over " i didn't see anything. there is no such thing as a ufo." to this day she refuses to admit she saw it. it terrified her. after a few minutes (around 3 min from the time i witnessed it hovering) it suddenly slipped to the right and slightly higher in elevation and then shot to the clouds. it hovered there a few seconds and disappeared into the blue beyond. i had never seen anything move so quickly. it was a blur of movement from the clouds until it disappeared. i don't remember if it affected the radio transmission or not. i just know that the radio had been playing as we drove but i was totally unaware of it during the sighting. once the disk was gone i became aware that the dj was excitingly talking about all the calls he was getting about a ufo. i felt compelled to make this sighting known because recently i have combed the ufo sighting reports looking for the report just to see it in print. but i was surprised that i could not find one report in that time frame or in that area. i am truly baffled because their had to be hundreds of people who saw it when i did and it was even on the radio talking about it. i know what i saw and when i saw it so i just wanted to make sure it was put down in print. i know it has been many years since the sighting but i doubt i will ever forget it.

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Credit: MUFON

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