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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Allentown, Pennsylvania on 2014-11-11 17:45:00 - Pattern

this is an update with additional and corrected information for my case no. 61520 with regard to a sighting that occurred on 2014-11-14 and initially submitted to mufon on 2014-11-18. this update includes sketches which should be far more helpful and explanatory to the mufon investigators and readers than my initial very lengthy report which lacked sketches. the header sheet of my initial report had wrong information that also lacked some information i gave in my earlier report. i will not use complete sentences to reduce the text size of this report. use this in conjunction with my sketches. my wife and i live in a residential area in the western section of allentown, pa. and on the evening of nov. 11, 2014 we were leaving our house to meet friends for dinner. over the next 20 minutes we witnessed an astonishing sighting which i continually think about on an almost daily basis. time was 5:45 pm, weather clear with a few clouds. we spotted 9 round ivory/white lights, perfect v formation coming from out of the south over south mountain heading for us in a northerly direction. movement slow. point light with 3 lights on one side and 5 on the other. within two minutes each light developed a red smoky color around their mid-section. 6:50 pm - three lights slowly moved vertically and faded away. remaining lights in their entirety were dull smoky red. no sound. became brighter with smoky grey/ black misty-like substance that appeared on their surface. appeared to rotate (swirling) slowly in all directions w/o any pattern. three additional white lights appeared over south mountain. also reported by two other gentleman in discussion section of my mufon report. one gave excellent description of the three white lights and their flight characteristics. their calculated speed-20 mph. he saw same 3 lights twice and timed their movement and used math to cal. speed. they remained in that general area near south mountain. he indicated the 3 lights were on a triangular base or craft. he had a map and a time schedule for the triangular craft and this was in the discussion section of my 2014 report. i've researched this info and decided craft was within 500 ft. of where my wife and i observed it. neither observer saw the 9 lights we saw. they were in back of those lights. that is the biggest mystery i have. how could they not see this formation? his very descriptive discussion was deleted eventually by mufon, for what reason i'm not aware of. he was very adament that it was a triangular soundless flying craft. his discussion report would be excellent info for investigators. 5:55 - 6:00 pm a private aircraft came into view flying toward the front of the ufo formation, flying perhaps slightly lower. we live a mile from the main runway of queen city airport where this aircraft probably had just taken off from. his altitude was around 800 feet. that would put the ufo's around an altitude of 1000 - 1400 ft. our attention was diverted away from the aircraft by a round white light that came on inside and near the bottom of each ufo. these were similar to a landing light on an aircraft and slowly went on and off /on. no pattern. no beam was hitting the ground that we could see. the ufo's remained stationary. we drove on lehigh st. to emmaus. one of the 3 white lights (triangular craft) was not far from us (400 ft. or less). blocked from getting closer by a moving norfolk southern freight train. very good look at the light which was bright amber almost like large flames flickering and moving upright or vertical but seemed contained in an invisible enclosure like an old tear shaped christmas tree ball. very, very impressive and pretty. months passed. i came across a u-tube one hour movie titled "the phoenix lights-the documentary. a skeptics discovery "that we are not alone": based on book by lynne d. kitier, md. she witnessed the phoenix lights. just after 17 minutes into the film there was a beautiful computer graphic rendition of those lights which were exactly like the lights we saw except our lights were dull red. i am retired. was employed in field of engineering most of my life where observation was an important leg of my work. i completed 5 years of college. my last 10 years of employment was with the penna. dept. of transportation working as a field engineering tech. in their traffic safety dept. where observing was a very critical aspect of my position. i'm a military veteran and for 13 months in korea i pulled night guard duty directly behind the rear of the dmz between north and south korea. observing once again was paramount to my work. i have been an aviation enthusiast since 1st grade in elementary school and also built many (beyond comprehension) model aircraft thru the years and attended many air shows. at 5:45pm on the sighting day the perfect formation coming out of the south is what initially caught our attention plus our parked car was facing that direction.I did not want to leave my wife alone while i looked for my camera in our house. plus this was too intriguing to leave. we actually watched in awe knowing these were ufos. after a life time of engineering discipline i am now more receptive to the unknown. i always thought it would be cool to see a ufo and since we saw this 20 minute show it's far better than that.

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Credit: MUFON

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