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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Adelaide, South Australia on 2017-10-06 15:00:00 - After meditation. i summoned a ufo. appeared

After meditation and feeling a direct connection too and with telepathic connection to other universal life minding the words telepathically in conscious peaceful intent " please come down please show me , show us , make yourself visible in the name of peace as i ask with respect and peaceful intent " , i " summoned " is the term , the ufo in this report. i sat staring with conscious peaceful loving intent at the sky. it was a light grey cloudy sky cloudy in full with high overcast cloud but still light. i know of ufo summoning but very little. i had never tried it before. as i got up off the floor in my sitting position , figuring nothing would come of it , i looked directly up above as i stood up and something caught my eye. i am 37 years of age. i have never seen a man made aircraft this shape. the shape was very peculiar. a cigar shape long in length with what appeared to be a " tail " but from my view point it was 1 side of the cigar shape. by that i mean the tail end of the long dark cigar shape had a wing looking appendage on one side. it was a very large object. it would have been 500 metres to 1 kilometre distance above my balcony " australian measurement ". even though i had consciously requested a viewing and interaction with full conscious peaceful intent , this was a first occasion. it took my by surprise. i have never seen aircraft fly north to south above port adelaide area. it made no noise. i noticed it above me , traveling west for a few seconds then it turned smoothly but swiftly to its left , my right from my view point under it and headed south in a smooth swift rapid speed. as it travelled further away from me and just before it disappeared around the corner of my balcony which up on the third level i was restricted to and could not run outside in time which it was travelling to fast to try anyway , it ascended then descended about 6 times , 3 times down 3 times up , each dip and rise would have been about 100 metres and each rise and dip of 100 metres as it continued in motion travelling south was done in less than a second in smooth succession. i notified one other ufo website haste fully , a few days later as to be honest i did not know weather to speak out and wanted to process what had happened. also travelled to the country for a wedding and been very busy with work since then. it has taken me 6 days to report this however important and surprised by the experience it was not a priority until getting time to make this report. i did not get any pictures as my phone was on the ground level and to be honest i was that struck by the shape colour speed and direction of the ufo , grabbing a picture was the furthest thing on my mind. regards troy

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Credit: MUFON

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