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Sunday, October 8, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Torquay, England on 2007-07-09 00:00:00 - Scary experience

It began when my friend bought a 3 million candlelight lamp it was handheld and i was flashing it across the sky then we put it away and walked the short distance to our mutual friends for a chat and catch up it got to maybe 1or2 in the morning so me my friend and his dog were making our way to his flat which is in a small block on the second floor as we were about to cross the road he said ways that i said what because i didn't see anything till he pointed in the air then my life became different forever about maybe 10ft off the ground was a blur in the air then as my eyes focused i noticed a craft exactly were i was messing with the torch even the dog was amazed we were that mesmerized we could of stood there for days.As my eyes focused i could see a street lamp reflect of wat must of been an observation area at the front ,with either a person with an extra large forehead or a helmet like a pilots, upon noticing that clearly someone was watching us i lifted my hand to gesture ,when a little red dot fired from the craft towards me ,it missed ,and i jumped out the way,then the craft started going up in the air,what looked like really slow,there were multi coloured lights behind in a straight line ,as the craft traveled overhead you could see from underneath it was triangle shaped, with lights on the three corners then zip it disappeared, next day the helicopter came followed me in broad day light to my friends and hovered over his house watching me with 3 people with me who weren't there the night before but can very puzzled to this black chopper over my friends home,at the time i was living in supported accommodation, so i had a support worker who looks after residents, told me later on that day,to strange men knocked on looking for me,as my support worker he asked what they want me for as they were official, they wouldn't answer him,found out i wasn't home then they left,i came home maybe an hour after they left,he told me ,i packed a bag and left devon asap,why would they go to all that trouble to locate me,they could of not tried to find me,i tell people they would have alaugh ,but by trying to locate me they created more witnesses to the saga by confronting people around me ,and another thing how did they know me and x seen the craft when there were no cameras around,yet at all my name?

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Credit: MUFON

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