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Thursday, October 5, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Stewiacke, Nova Scotia on 2017-08-25 21:50:00 - Triangular silhouette against sky, stopping to hover before moving, no sound except for "electrical hum", strange time between exiting and reentering vehicle after observation

My girlfriend and i first caught sight of the craft while driving down veteran's memorial highway, leaving truro headed towards stewiacke. it was about 9pm on a relatively cloudless night. from the passenger seat, i noticed a bright red light very far in the distance - right of the highway. i knew there to be some sort of towers in the area with lights on them of similar color, so i didn't think much of it. 20 minutes later, i saw the same red light, somewhat closer. still off the highway. we made it to her house around 9:30, we spent about 20 minutes, then began to leave for truro. from her backyard, i noticed the same red light that i had seen before, but much closer now. close enough to see that it was actually made up of several light - three white lights in a triangular formation, and an orange/red light in the center. we left her home and began down st andrews street, where the craft then flew almost directly above us. we were both completely awestruck. it was then my girlfriend had pointed out that it had completely stopped and hovered above the treeline to our left. we immediately pulled the car to the side of the road and got out to get a better look. as we pulled over, the craft's course then changed slightly - instead of heading directly over us, it headed more right and over the treeline, where we later lost sight of it, but not before getting a very good look. the craft, which had stopped completely while going a relatively slow speed, did not have to slow down, nor build momentum or speed to return to the speed it was previously. it was maybe 100 feet above the treeline (so probably 150-200 feet above us), and seemed to be the size of four or maybe more lengths of our vehicle (use a honda civic as reference). it showed a sharp triangular silhouette against the sky for a brief second. the only noise i can associate it with is a low electrical hum. the air and time felt strange. there were also two stroke-like lights on either "winged" edge of the craft. as low as the craft was, there was no sound that would lead me to believe it was either plane or helicopter, as i am familiar with the sounds produced by both. because of the strobes, i later doubted that it was a ufo, and began to do some research of my own on navigation lights of planes and helicopters. i could not find any formation of navigation lights to connect this to. that, coupled with the strange maneuverings, as well as the sound and feeling it emitted, produced a phenomenon i will not soon forget. because of its relatively slow speed, we were able to observe for about a minute and a half to 2 minutes before losing sight of it over the trees. it was approximately 9:53 when we stopped the vehicle and got out, and it was approximately 10:30 when we got back in. which is a time frame that still does not make sense to me, as i am certain we did not stand outside the car for over a half an hour. this is all the information i can submit, and my memory serves me well. my girlfriend also witnessed this aside me, and we both agreed on the strange feeling and skewed perception of time. attached is a drawing i did several days after the incident - as well as after my research on navigation lights. in the drawing, you can see the nose of the craft silhouetted against the moon. that was for artistic purposes, as i did not see that happen. however, the black craft was blacker than the night sky, and i needed some way to show that.

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Credit: MUFON

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