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Friday, October 20, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Sheridan, millbrook, plan, Illinois on 2017-10-14 20:45:00 - 5 orbs, lighting up in formations

At 845pm, i noticed 3 objects falling from high in sky. literally 'right there'. i pulled over to observe them. the 3 lights were lighting up randomly, in triangle, orion's belt shapes, lighting up, bam, 1,2,3. then go out. triangle would even spin, orions belt would show up, vertically, then disappear, then show up in horizontal configuration. then i noticed an 'orb' appear to come up from the ground, or from far on the horizon, it traveled and joined the other 3 orbs pretty quickly. then a few minutes later, a 2nd one came from where the other one did, it joined the other 4, now there are 5 in the sky. it looked like, if you ever looked at jupiter through a telescope, one brighter one representing a planet, and the others were dimmer and orbiting it like moons. they made random formations, and lights came on squentially for at least 25 minutes. i phoned my mother, and narrated to her what i was seeing. begging her to get in her car and look. as i was on the phone with her, a 'plane' came from directly south, and flew, directly over my position, the plane had 2 stacked 'rings' of lights on it. only about 500'to 1000' high, it flew directly over me, and flew directly at the 'main' light. by this time, the 'orbs' had spread out in the sky, along the horizion, maybe a couple miles apart, and maybe only a few miles from me. the plane flew to each "orb" individually. now i can see the 5 orbs, and the one plane clearly. after the orbs spread out miles apart, they came back together in a small group, and spread out again, several times. what i saw in the sky was better than every video ive ever watched, that shows similar lights. this was the night/day of the 8.5 inches of rain, wind was pretty stiff, the objects were not affected by the wind at all. about 820, the rain had broke, and another storm was on its way, the objects were between the 2 heavy rain pockets. as i drove from south of sheridan, il to north of plano,il, i could see the 5 orbs and the plane the whole time, it never appeared that i got any closer to the 'orbs' though, even after driving 20 miles closer. i fianlly lost sight of the orbs and plane, north of plano, where the rain got to heavy, and they just went out of sight. i checked my original position on google earth, and it looks like when the orbs were spread out, one was over, millington, millbrook, plano, sandwich, and sheridan. it took the plane a little bit to travel to each 'orb'. 945pm, my mother calls me, she has my niece and nephew in the car by wspy tower. they see the lights in the sky, making triangle formations, and different colors. they all saw it too!!!!!. it was real. if i wasnt on the phone, i would have had the most amazing footage ever taken. it was real, i am amazed by what i saw. now i believe that the most other videos on the net, are authentic. the lights on the video show up as white, but they are not really white to the eye. it was about 10pm or a little after, when i lost sight of the objects. the attached video is towards the beginning of the sighting. it needs some enhancement with the lighting, there is more than meets the eye on the video, the video is before the plane comes along. i didnt film more because i thought it wasnt going to show up on the video, so i made the call to my mom, desperate for another witness. i would be very interested to see the video enhanced if you guys can do it. one photo is where i first saw the thing, daylight photo. the google earth image is where i was parked, with the area of action in red. thank you chris

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Credit: MUFON

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