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Monday, October 2, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Granite Falls, Washington on 2017-10-02 03:15:00 - Several hovering triangles pulsating lights varying in colors, surrounding one large kite-shaped camoflagued object

This morning of october 2nd, 2017 at 3:15am in granite falls wa, i awoke to an empty water bottle on my window sill shaking and rocking back and forth on its own. i got up to investigate this and found no reasonable cause why this would occur. i proceeded to open my bedroom window to lean out and smoke my routine cigarette and looked at the dark early morning sky. i thought i was looking at the little dipper at first glance, it was even where it normally would be in relation to it's position in the sky and the direction my view was coming from. but quickly i noticed that every star in the sky was not a star, nor a plane, nor a satellite. the "little dipper" started changing formation and every "star" was blinking at different times (appeared to be a random pattern) and also not all "stars were white". as i examined the remainder of the "starry sky" i also quickly determined that ever other star was indeed not a star and noticed many different triangle formations scattered in every direction. the lights from some of the formations pulsated rhythmically while other triangles were random flashing. the flashing from each "star" varied in color and brightness, and the ones i deemed "important" were stand-alone units. there was a solid orange "star" pacing left to right in extremely short passes in between each triangle formation. there was a stand-alone unit way off to the side sitting very low at about treetop height from the ground that blinked extremely bright white and red flashes. the brightness would vary from more dim to extreme brightness as this unit slowly ascended vertically while emmiting or receiving very bright orange balls the whole time. the other main stand-alone unit flashed extremely bright white and blue light and seemed to coordinate the triangle formations which appeared to have camoflague type abilities depending upon their backgrounds (clouds, sky, trees, etc). then i noticed the big boy directly overhead of me. it was diamond shaped and seemed to have a tail (kite shaped) and the tail consisted of green, yellow, and purple flashing units. the huge kite shape object had one star or unit on each corner (rhythmically pulsing white) while hovering stationary. over the course of 3 hours, i witnesses the kite object (probably hundreds of feet square) slowly slowly pivot, turn, barrel roll, stand vertically as well as lay flat. generally the kite didn't move location very much. the regular triangles also behaved similarily but were varying height and light pulses every 5 minutes or so probably . however, all of the triangles kept repositioning different views and vary heights while shooting white beans of light off each other, several of which went right past me. the kite disappeared with the clouds for about 30 minutes and reappeared at a 45 degree angle from me. the bushes were making "tongue-clicking" noises as is you were calling for a cat, and were also moving. as the sky started getting lighter with sunrise, one by one the ufos propelled completely vertical until out of sight or behind clouds and the large kite camoflagued as a cloud and "disappeared". i felt lucky to witness this for 3 straight hours, as well as being left speechless and very confused and felt as though i was still being watched. i eventually cried random tears of joy and unrecognizable emotion, i can not explain why. it was the most amazing coordination and most spectacular event i think i will ever see. i'm a 100% believer in ufos after today, where as before i was open to the idea but skeptical.

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Credit: MUFON

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