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Monday, October 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Helsby, England on 1974-08-10 00:00:00 - Huge rectangular craft.

It was early evening and i think it was a sunday evening as the roads were very quiet with not much traffic which was typical back then . i was driving my car along the m56 motorway on my way to visit my then girl friend who lived in a town called bebington. i was 18 years old and totally sober and alert . i was approaching the slip road that would take me of the motorway to a roundabout leading to a roads . the slip road is approximately 300 meters in length and i would guess about a 40 degree upward incline . my speed was about 50 mph and i was gradually slowing down as i approached the junction up ahead . i had just got on to the slip road when i noticed to my left what i took to be a plane heading towards me. i would guess it was about a half mile away and i took it to be a plane because from that distance i could only make out its front profile which i took to be its wings. as i drove up the slip road to about half way i realized that the object was not any kind of plane that i was familiar with as it had no fuselage or any typical plane like features. by now i had slowed to about 30 mph and was about 150 meters from the junction . the object now was clearly rectangular and huge in size . by now i was talking out loud to myself trying to make sense of what i was seeing . i would say it was about 2 to 3 hundred meters above me and i could clearly make out the details of the under side of the craft . it appeared to be a mass of pipe work and tubes arranged along the full length of the object. there were shapes that appeared like junctions and the whole appearance suggested the engine or business part of whatever it was that was by now almost overhead . there was no noise that i could make out that would be typical of a plane. bigger than a football field and directly above me it was moving at what seemed a leisurely speed . i had reached the junction and had to stop . i turned to the drivers door grabbing the handle and opening it i climbed out in a state of disbelief at what was above me . i looked up to see that the craft had vanished .It was a clear evening and i could see for miles all around . in every direction i looked there was nothing but clear skies .How so huge an object could disappear in the time it took me to open the car door and climb out, to this day baffles me ? i mentioned it to a few people but for some reason did'nt want to make to big a deal out of it . i am 61 years old now and to this day i can remember every second of my encounter with something not of this world .I would welcome any kind of hypnosis or therapy that would help understand more clearly what happened that evening when i came almost within touching distance of a ufo. we are not alone .... this is a honest and true account of what happened to me on that incredible evening .. geoff parkes ....

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Credit: MUFON

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