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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Cape Fair, Missouri on 1969-08-10 19:45:00 - bright silver saucer, 80 ft wide wi. de and flew right above us, a 30 min event, then watched it gain speed and leave earth as the sun reflected. off it.

Going fishing in our old 1952 milk truck camper from webb city to table rock lake on route 76 outside cape fair on the straight part of road high up. i was 16, sitting on the engine cover with my dad driving. it was 30 mins short of night and straight ahead, i see a very bright star-like object hovering 300-600 meters above the road. we both knew, it couldn’t be a star, it was still too light out. it was at least 8-10 miles away, we i noticed it. it shot of a short burst of flames out to one side, the maneuvered at incredible speeds, up, side to side, down, shot another burst of flames from one side, with more sharp movements. i told my father, it’s our brothers from another planet and they are here, just for me to see. after driving and watching for a few miles, we pulled over in an old mountain top cafe/filling station, the kind with glass pumps. i told my little brother to get all the people out of the cafe and we all stood by the 2-lane road watching it (looking toward the east), not too far from cape fair. the bright object (saucer) moved slowly towards us. i was thrilled! a dream come true! just earlier in the summer, i told my mom, as we looked up at the stars, i wished i could see a space ship one day. everyone had came out of the restaurant (about 15) and were totally silent as we watched it slowly come to a stop, right above us, about 80-100 ft away. it was an extremely bright metal exterior with no windows. it had a curved sloped dome and was about 100 feet wide and 60 ft tall. the outside edge was about 2 meters thick and rounded. underneath, it had a dark black ring 4ft from the edge, about 2 ft wide. it didn’t make a single noise or whisper! the cafe had cleared all the trees across the road for a nice few across the valley and about 15 miles to the next mountains to the south. after watching it travel towards us for 15 mins and hovering for 15 mins more, it slowly moved to the south, down the mountain, for a few secomds out of our view, then reappeared down in the valley, flying right above the ground. it started picking up speed and as it approached the next mountain, shot straight up into the sky and out of earth’s orbit. it was now dusk and the sun was shining brightly off the ship and we could see it for quite a while as it shot up into space. all this time, nobody said a word. at the end, this guy says - “should we report this to the sheriff? i replied, “do you know what will happen to our fishing trip, if we report it? people will bug us for years!” as far as i know, nobody reported this event in so missouri and decided to finally do it! this experience changed my life for the better. i’ve had other amazing experiences since, that i won’t report. loyalty, means keeping secrets. i had a 27 year career in the army, ranger, sf, counter terrorism, intel, and emergency management at the national and international level. i remember the spaceship, like it was yesterday. it helps to have a photographic memory for images and numbers.

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Credit: MUFON

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