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Thursday, October 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Grand Blanc, Michigan on 2017-05-06 19:30:00 - Outside taking photos of sunset. after reviewing noticed two lights in one shot not seen or heard when taken or in subsequent photos.

it was early spring and i was in my backyard to specifically take pictures with my cell phone of the vivid sunset. i took several pictures over several minutes because it was fading fast and then went inside to look them over. upon analyzing them, i noticed that in the first photo there appeared to be two lights in the sky and i did not remember seeing them when i snapped it. furthermore i was using my cell phone and i would never attempt to take, or want to take, a picture of a plane in the sky, it simply would not turn out. also odd was the fact that the lights did not appear in subsequent picture taken from near the same vantage point, photos more west and in the direction the lights appeared to be moving. fact, we do have an airport west of us and planes come from that direction and make a 180 near our house and head back west to the airport to land. these lights were to the east of our house and maybe moving westward and i have never seen low planes taking that path. commercial jet planes do come from that direction, but all you see is their trail. we do see helicopters from time to time but they usually move north to south or vise versa. but if these two lights would have been helicopters, i would definitely have remembered the noise. and i've never seen two so close together. also had the lights been visible to me i would have centered them in the frame. so in conclusion, i was and still am perplexed by, one, the fact that these two low in the sky, bright lights were not visible to me when i took the picture. two, that i do not remember any engine noises and three, that the lights did not appear in any other shots. it was difficult to answer many of the questions above because i didn't view the lights personally but saw them in the photo. i didn't see how they moved or how fast, if they hovered or see them disappear other than the fact the lights did not appear in any other photos. probably something easily explained like two planes, but the fact they were so close together seemed odd and i would have remembered the noise of their engines too. so i thought it merited another opinion. description of photos included: picture 1: first shot taken and original format. picture 2: same shot as above but cropped. picture 3: close up of first shot showing lights on left side of pic. picture 4: close up of light on far right side of pic.

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Credit: MUFON

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