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Thursday, October 26, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia on 2017-09-30 19:50:00 - 3 objects, one following the other in a row moving w to e, all silent, 1st star-like, 2nd disk outline light blue flashing lights in seq, erd arrow-head blob yellow-white, 1st and 3rd objs illuminated solid not blinking

At approximately 7:50 pm on september 30th, 2017, while in shag harbour, nova scotia i along with several others who had attended a guided bus tour to the old moss plant location witnessed 3 silent unknown objects pass overhead moving west to east, silently, at a very high altitude. i first noticed a small star-like round light brighter than other stars visible in the sky at that time perhaps 35 to 45 degrees up from the horizon, the yellow/white star-like light moved eastward slowly and silently, it had no flashing or blinking lights and was constant in illumination - i at first thought this could be the iss or a satellite so just maintained eye contact as it passed slowly overhead. as the first light passed over head, a second group of lights appeared behind the lead star-like object. these new lights that appeared were all solid light blue and flashed on one after another until some 8-10 lights had come on, then went off and began flashing on again one after the other repeating the sequence. moving as one group as if these light blue lights were attached to a larger object, following after the lead star-like object in a moment one could make out there were two “sets” of light blue lights one on each “side” forming a disc shape, each “side” of lights followed the same sequence of coming on one light after the other until all were lit, then would go out to start again. at this point i shouted to the remaining bus tour group around me to look up (as it seemed obvious this was something very strange, and of interest). as the second object moved off after the first object silently, a third object appeared - it however was more of a blob of light forming a roughly arrowhead-like blobby shape of yellow-white light (it too was silent, but had no flashing/blinking lights - the light was a constant yellow-white). i recall one tour guest who was witnessing this with me commenting he believed an object was triangular shaped “you could tell” he remarked, just before it entered the clouds. there were thin clouds and some thicker ones in the sky that night. overhead to our position where the second and third objects appeared to trail after the lead star-like object there were some wispy clouds. the objects trailed one another and moved off eastward. the last tour bus arrived to take the remaining group of us back to woods harbour community centre, when i boarded the bus i checked my iphone to note the time and it was 8:02pm. myself and one group of fellow witnesses had an animated discussion about what we saw on the way back to the community centre. i know at least 4 other people, other than myself witnessed this event (there is a good chance more witnesses exist). prior to having witnessed the objects, canadian coast guard were shooting flares up into the sky from ship not far offshore from our position and using a searchlight to re-enact in a small way the october 4, 1967 search for the object that crashed into shag harbour. a 50th anniversary shag harbour witness (lorne) was throwing flares into the water, and an rcmp cruiser was on scene with lights flashing. this activity had ceased aprox 10 minutes prior to the objects witnessed.

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Credit: MUFON

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