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Monday, October 16, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Chandler, Arizona on 2017-02-28 00:00:00 - Appeared giant silver boomerang, morphed from 1-3 glowing orb lights. pulsated, ionized air.

I was out back meditating after a workout & noticed a silver boomerang appear staight above me, seemed to be stationary as i watched in awe, grabbed my camera and started recording, this object then began morphing from 1-3 vertically aligned turquoise lights in a pulsating fashion. recorded plane flying near object at the end of recording. this craft seemed to have some advanced electromagnetic type of propulsion from the light it was giving off & the craft seemed to be ejecting highly charged ions as it sparkled & morphed shape. i witnessed this object the day prior to this event & made sure to be ready with nice camera incase i saw it again & sure enough it appeared! i have seen multiple sightings since this incident & will finally be reporting those as well. recorded on a canon t6 with a 300mm lense! i'm big on chi gong & other practices of meditation & feel as if there is an underlying connection. i have recorded & took pictures of multiple sightings of different objects since these events. i've had 1 similar incident of a morphing style craft i got pictures of on cell phone, it seemed also to materialize as a boomerang & changed to a triangle/squarish object as it descended really low altitude above me, so low to where i could see detail on the craft with two black lines in triangle shape on craft with other faint details, this object seemed to morph into a black boomerang to a black circular object at its center then back to the original form i saw it. during this morphing it seemed to be giving off other tiny black objects. i will never forget the awe feeling as it came down so low & the sensation of it interacting with me. i'll add a pictures of this event to on the last file.

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Credit: MUFON

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