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Monday, October 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in New Jersey on 2017-10-21 02:30:00 - Bright light..Shadow of ship around light..Numerous witnesses with numerous cell pics and also digital camera footage

Oct 21,2017...2:30am..Pennsville nj..08070..4 witnesses.. 4 cell phones taking video and pics and also a newer digital camera.. left work at around 1am.. 45 minute country ride.. very dark in the sky due to not having moonlight these past few nights..But clear skys..No cloud cover..As i always do when i am driving home from work at night im always looking up..This was not my first sighting.. i called my neighbor and ask if she could go outside because i see something and i wanted to know if they could see it also.. when i got home my neighbors were already outside looking up in the sky.. 2 of my neighbors brought out chairs and were watching in their front yard.. nine of us know exactly what we witnessed..But it was not a drone..Or a satellite..Or any military plane i have ever seen. whatever it was was hovering at a certain altitude..Then out of the blue it would drop or descend what looked like 100's of feet in a matter of seconds..Within the last year i have seen numerous sightings and each time i would call or text my neighbor so i would have someone besides me seeing these anomalies.. i live within 10 miles of deleware air national guard and also pse&g nuclear power plant.. the sighting that we witnessed the other night looked like it was hovering directly above pse&g..Gonna attach a few pics of the light in the sky.. zoom in on the pictures.. u can see a dark shadow or siloutte of what appears to be the classic representation of what we were brought up knowing as a spaceship.. we were outside for over an hour watching this object.. all of a sudden the light went out and just disappeared..

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Credit: MUFON

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