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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Black Triangle Sighting in Tuftonboro, New Hampshire on 1969-07-12 23:02:00 - Police&site people approx 40 ,police followed objects from wolfbourgh ,to lanes end melvin village chief almost swallowed his cigar looking at ufos 2 days of sitings , mother , me , brother & sister tornado happened a day after sites, owner of park

Walking towards beach area and owners office,people were looking up to the night sky, ufo out of this world, very quiet, still ,hovering over office 200 ft up! police were checking out ufo also scared, hovering, glowing 3 red power bals underneath craft, 3 smaller craft in front of larger craft, glowing yellow lights underneath them, then moving towards hiens ketchup pannincilla, we even went out by boat to see and were chased back by smaller craft , we beached the speed boat, 2nd night another type of craft other section of bay ! 3 beams of light came into our trailer, i saw approx. 10 4 ft hieght biengs looking for something they were in black space looking suites, i was couruios , excited , i feel we were visted in our trailer by biengs, we were passed out for 3 hours then came to. they objects went up quickly, blink of an eye ! i am bieng honest on all and can explain more and if some one dropped by i could bring them to witnesses , respectfully john werner hte local police are covering up this incident, everytime i call they get mad, i wish i had a camera it would of been the best ufo film ever

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Credit: MUFON

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