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Friday, October 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Grimsby, England on 2017-06-03 22:30:00 - 3 bright white lights in a straight line, equal distance apart, getting brighter and dimmer at the same time moving through the sky

June 3rd 2017 at approximately 10.30pm. me and my girlfriend were doing one of our regular walks through one of our local woods called weelsby woods. the woods is about half a kilometre width and about 1 kilometre in length. so it's not particularly large and it's nothing special. but my girlfriend and i were walking through and i took a look at the sky to look at the moon. i saw a moving light that at first glance looks like a star. but after a few seconds of observing i saw that it was much brighter and much bigger than any other star. immediately, i realised that it was three lights in a vertical straight line, the three lights were all equal space apart and they were all getting brighter at the same time, they'd reach a certain brightness and then they'd get dimmer and then get brighter. that was the most amazing part to me, was how the lights were acting. i've never seen a ufo do that before. i've seen 4 ufo's myself and i have seen hundreds, possibly thousands of images and photos of ufo and read about them in detail and i've never seen anything that resembles a ufo with lights like this one. they were white, star-like lights, they were slightly bigger and brighter than stars though. i assume, that one light was on a left wing, one light was on the base of the ufo and one light on the right wing. and the lights repeated this the whole time i witnessed it. it moved from south-west direction to south-east, which us to the direction of the north sea, and moved just like an aircraft. it was not very fast. in fact i was surprised by how slow it was, but it's slow speed was a good thing because i got a good look at it for a few minutes. i'd say it travelled similar speed to a regular helicopter. i was amazed by the size of this ufo. because of the darkness, it was incredibly difficult to make out a shape or even see the material or colour of the ufo. it's like when you see a plane in the sky, you can only really see the lights. but this ufo was huge!!! i couldn't believe the size of this thing. it's incredibly difficult to say how high or far away it was but i'd say it was over a mile away from where i was. i'd probably say it was around 10,000 feet high. i judged the size by the lights, and the lights to me showed it's wingspan. i recorded it on my phone, but i couldn't capture a good enough image of what i was seeing because of my phone camera quality. i couldn't even see the lights on the video i recorded so i deemed it as useless. my girlfriend and i witnessed it for around 3 minutes. we lost sight of it because it went behind the trees, we moved to try look at it but it had gone by the time we got into a better position.

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Credit: MUFON

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