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Saturday, October 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Tacoma and Yelm, Washington on 2017-08-21 00:00:00 - During the solar eclipse and i didn't see it with my naked eye but my camera phone picked it up

When i first noticed the ufo in the picture i took during the recent solar eclipse that we had i had downloaded a solar eclipse app so that i could see it on my phone well i took five pictures and noticed something strange in the picture i disregarded it. i thought that it was a glitch from the app so i shrugged it off and disregarded it. well two days later i was looking through the photos in my phone with a friend of mine and i noticed the same object in another picture that i took on may 4th of 2017 well it gave me the chills made me cry and emotional for the next couple days. i was literally stunned by what i came across. i didn't feel right. i was in shock. in the first photo i took on may 4th i noticed that there was a small dot in the far background on the very first photo on the second photo it was closer well let me rewind for a second because i'm using text to speak on may 4th i was in yelm washington working for a real estate sign company and i'm driving and i seen the clouds how amazing they looked. it was obviously storm clouds but living in the city like i do i don't get to see the clouds like that and the way they go for miles so i thought i'd stop and pull over and take a couple pictures from my memories. so i pulled over and i wanted to take a few pictures of the clouds i took 5 pictures and one video and at the time i did not notice the object i could not even see it with my naked eye. what i captured in my pictures the object was far away just a small dot. i zoomed in and you could see a shape to it well on the second picture it was up closer and it was the same image, shape whatever it was as what i captured during the solar eclipse. in the 3rd photo i took that day it was far away again if i zoom in i could see shape to it still. so that told me right there that it was something in the sky. what my phone captured was far away at first, then it came close in photo 2 and it was far away again on my 3rd photo. it was gone in the 4th and 5th photo. it was gone in the video short video i took before i had to hop back in the truck and get back to work. but the thing is that i was using a different phone with no special apps just the regular camera so i have images of an object in the sky that was on two different days with completely different weather and there was actually something there, i couldnt see it with my eyes but my phone picked it up. actually no one could see it. it must have had a cloaking device or something. also during the solar eclipse when i took my first photo it was the same shape of the image that i caught on may 4th the second photo i took of the solar eclipse it was actually like a triangle shape up to the top left corner of my picture the third photo it was back to the original shape of the sideways diamond or whatever it is and then on the 4th photo it was a triangle again up in the left corner so it's moving and i don't know if it's changing shape but it was pixley you could see hard edges to it and i just really want to get a professional opinion i've been wondering where to look and where to go and finally i found you guys so can you please let me know something. i know that we're not alone i've always been in tune with knowing that we're not the only thing in this universe but when i capture these images it really made me feel different i know i'm not alone and i showed the photos to other people and their bewildered. so yeah please help me... also since i've came across these images i have been taking quite a few pictures of the sky hoping to catch it again and i haven't had any luck but i'm not giving up i'm still searching and if i come up with anything else i'll be sure to get back onto the site and download my photos to you guys just please get back to me and let me know what you guys see. and also since there is only five slots to download my photos i sent two photos from the solar eclipse and i sent 3 photos from may 4th

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Credit: MUFON

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