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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in McCloud, California on 2017-10-09 15:45:00 - I took videos of strange cloud formations over hwy 89. when i used a solarization filter on some of the screenshots from my videos, there were strsnge heat sources in the sky.

My partner and i, and a friend, were driving over hwy 89 from i5, headed towards mccloud to drop off said friend at home. it was around 3:45 - 3:50pm. as we exit i5 north, and turn right onto hwy 89, i look at the sky. something doesn't feel right. i stare at the sky some more. then it dawns on me, the weird line in the clouds. i say aloud "hey guys, does the sky look weird to you or is it just me? that line in the sky doesnt seem normal." my partner and friend agreed that something seemed off. i stared at the sky. the line resembled a contrail left by a plane. except... contrails disappear behind clouds and become visible once again in the patches of blue sky. and contrails are very thin and high up. this line could be seen weaving in and out of the clouds and blue sky. (picture attached). it was also very thick, and appeared to be much lower in the sky than a normal contrail left by a plane. we started examining the clouds more. maybe we were seeing things that werent there. maybe not. i got the distinct vibe that something was happening though. i noticed more lines in the sky, almost like gridwork... many trails in the sky leading towards a point farther south/south east.(pictures attached) we observed that some of the cloud formations were strange.(pictures attached) very wispy, almost too wispy. i had the instinctive feeling that i should pull out my phone and take some photos and videos. so i did. as i was looking around, maybe about 8 minutes into the drive, i saw something. at least, i think. again it could be my mind showing me what i want to see. but i was looking south east ish, but up towards the sun. i saw a disk shape with a dome on top and below. but it was just an outline, and the shape itself looked as though it were made of clouds and sunlight. i only saw the faintest outline of the edges, almost like the bright sun was cutting through a cloaking device, making the outline of the craft visible? i saw for only a short instant and then it was gone. it was a surreal feeling in that instant, and in that moment i knew i was seeing something, but after it was gone i started to question myself. did i really see that? as we arrived at our destination at our friends house, i began to look through my videos and take some screenshots. something inside me was saying, "put thise images under a filter! solarize the images and see if you see anything!" i don't know why but i knew i had to do that. what i found was strange. some of my images of the clouds, when out under a solarization filter, show nothing but blank sky. and other images, show strange heat sources and patterns in the sky and clouds. i have included these photos as well. there is what appears to be some vaguely disc shaped heat sources, and some possibly triangular shapes. some heat sources are massive and some are just small flecks. one photo i took showed no heat sources under the solarization filter, but there are 2 distinctly saucer shaped things in between the clouds, partially concealed by the cloud. we went into our friends house to hang out and after about an hour we left. when we left there were still some odd lines in the sky but the cloud cover had become very...."normal" looking. no patches of blue sky, just a completely flat overcast. my partner and i left and headed over 89 back towards mt shasta city. on the way, i saw what is called a sundog. a patch of rainbow in the sky. i've seen sundog once or twice before, but this one seemed different. it was more blurry at the edges but the longer i stared at it the more certain i was that it was a perfect sphere. when we arrived in mt shasta city to get gas, i could no longer see it. i am only able to upload 10 files with this report. however i have much more photos and videos i am unable to submit and would like to be able to so that a team could really analyze it all.

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Credit: MUFON

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