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Friday, October 13, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Madras, Oregon on 2017-10-12 16:33:00 - Several bright white/blue lights appeared on horizon (5)

1. driving on rural road to inspection a sanitation facility near by. lights were exceptionally bright. sky conditions were overcast with occasional breaks for sunlight. 2. i noticed the lights were brighter than the background and available ambient light from the sun along the horizon. the lights pulsated predominately white/blue. 3. there was more than one, and the objects appeared to be getting larger and brighter as i approached closer. 4. lights originally just appeared in my sight, directly in front of me. they seemed to appear or shoot through cloud cover. the lights then hovered and some appeared to land on the ridgeline. 5. wow, it's happening again, but i felt calm this time. i have previously experienced at least 3 to 6 encounters with bright ruby red ufo's in oregon and pennsylvania. i did not feel in danger and i just simply took this observation as, wow there's something i can't explain along the ridge. 6. i watched the objects for 5 to 10-minutes, i had work i need to complete and i started to leave, simply because i had work to do. the objects seem to weave and hover around trees in the far background. *i am prior military, i grew up on a fire watch tower, and i'm an avid hunter outdoorsman that is an expert with compass and pacing and navigation--therefore a trained observer/spotter. i also know this area exceptionally well, and i am able to gage distance very effectively based on the topography, location and the use of quad maps and compass. this area is on the warm springs indian reservation near mt. jefferson. as for the location, this is within the closed area of the reservation and access to the general public (other than tribal members) is strictly prohibited. the objects were below the cloud line and below a ridgeline so i am able to gain some level of distance and direction. the lights are bright and large! by my estimation on direction and pacing these objects are large!

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Credit: MUFON

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