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Sunday, October 22, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Columbus, Ohio on 1972-03-09 12:57:00 - I have been observerved and looked after, since i was a small child.

Since i first woke up in a parking lot miles from home around 7 am on a saturday in 1973, with hours missing and feeling quite "spent" with no bike or skateboard, which was all very weird & explainable to my young brain. a friendly man took me home after seeing me crying and trudging along looking pretty pathetic, i imagine... i have been looked after and seemingly protected by "somebody" on a regular basis since the 70's i have been visited and so it would seem, taken care of. i have 3 kids who seem to be part of the program, they all have had strange events, shall we say. its a long story that i think begins with my father and his secret c.I.A. activities in the 60's & 70"s the strange visits continue to happen to this day. recently a small ship hovered over our house and seemed to be performing some sort of checkup, if you will. fallowed by a small {single pilot} stealth helicopter that hovered over my house extremely closely and i even locked eyes with the pilot, i swear i even saw the few wild hairs sticking out of the part in his hair... kinda like alfalfa,from the little rascals. then the chopper headed towards an airbase in springfield that is a depot for stealth and experimental craft... its a long story with lots of details that frankly sounds like bullshit, but its all true. from abductions to removing a small metallic ball from my shoulder, which seemed to remove itself. and non stop visits that seem to concern my kids & me... to regularly seeing things that can only be categorized as, alien. i have been holding back all of this on the grounds that i also get regular visits from helicopters... somebody out there knows i'm getting special visitors and frankly, it scares me a little. but after roughly 40 years of this, i'm ready to talk.

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Credit: MUFON

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