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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Winchester, Kentucky on 1986-10-15 21:30:00 - On the way home from christmas shopping with my grandparents when this event took place!

I was on my way back home with my grandparents on i-64 eastbound from lexington, ky. where we had gone so i could pick out the bicycle i was getting for christmas. as we were approaching the mm101, which is also an exit onto us. 60, we saw approx. 6 cars parked on the shoulder with maybe 12 people standing outside of them looking skyward and pointing to the south. my grandfather was driving so he decided to pull over to see what was the matter. initially we thought there had been a wreck until we got closer and saw what the people were doing. we got out of the pick-up truck to find out what was going on. i immediately looked in the direction the people were pointing and saw lights over the tree line in front me seeming to hover in place and slowly move parallel to my position. i remember thinking why were these people getting so worked up over a plane or helicopter! then in the spans of quiet of no traffic i realized this object wasn't making a sound, nothing! as i stood there watching this thing i realized it had rows of lights that gave it a triangular shape. i say that because this was a dark section of interstate, a very dark sky, and this object was dark so i don't know if my mind filled in the blanks to give it 3 edges to form a triangle or not! the lights were in a triangle shape so i just figured they were along the edges! the glow from the lights kind of revealed it's edges to give it a triangle shape. even with all this happening, i kept telling myself it was probably some top secret military thing. there is a small army base named avon that is about 15 driving miles from this location and probably 5 flight miles. the object continued to move parallel to me which was a w, sw direction in no hurry until it was obscured by the trees and terrain. we got back in the pick-up truck and continued home, satisfied that it was some sort of military thing. then on ufo files, decades later of course, i saw the very same object on one of the episodes and it got me to thinking back to that night.

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Credit: MUFON

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