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Saturday, October 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Lafe, Arkansas on 2017-10-20 21:59:00 - Four orbs. that would shoot out from the center circle meat back in the center. this would take approximately 4 seconds. repeated same pattern did not change point of origin. this event lasted at least 4 hours

How about 8 last night i was standing in my front yard on the telephone looked up and saw four orbs that would circle meat back in the center shootout circle again meat back in the center this took about 4 seconds because i counted one mississippi two mississippi three mississippi for mississippi. it was partly cloudy they seem to meet behind a cloud because the cloud would brighten when all four would come together they circle the same pattern for at least 4 hours. had my wife come out she witnessed the same event we watched it for at least 45 minutes. however i did continue to check on it until 11 p.M. no noise no visible light source no light from the ground to the sky that i can see or from the sky to the ground distance covered in that amount of time hard to say because of the altitude. we do live in the country so it was not reflections from the city. this is not the first sighting of an event that i have seen.. tried to video it with my phone nothing showed up

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Credit: MUFON

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