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Friday, October 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Brazil, Indiana on 2017-07-29 22:57:00 - It sort of rolled across the sky with pulsing flames inside the orb

Shortly before 11 p.M. july 29, 2017: while sitting outside on porch visiting with family member a flash of strange orange light caught my attention to the ne above a nearby building. a light that big shouldn't be in that area. we have helicopters fly over to go to hospital, but this was not that or a plane. i pointed the object out to another person on the porch, who quickly turned to see it move a distance of 2 blocks in blink of an eye. we watched as large orb grew bigger on approach from w toward our home, then it turned sw and flew over our neighbor and our homes. it was bright, consisting of yellow/orange/red colors that rolled inside the orb as it moved silently across the sky and was big enough to illuminate rooftops slightly. strangely there was not a sound to be heard in our busy neighborhood, dogs stopped making noises, everything stopped as the orb flew over at a high rate of speed. it was eerily quiet, couldn't even hear the traffic driving by on us 40 a few blocks away! we ran off the porch to keep it in sight, and held our thumbs up to reference size of the object. it was that big in the sky above our home. i'm not good judging heights, but it seemed to be a couple hundred feet above tree tops. it did not leave a trail in the sky while it grew smaller and ascended to the sw. we ran down sidewalk to keep eye on it as it flew away, and lost it in the night sky within moments. tried to catch it on cell phone video camera, but it was too fast. we were both scared at first, then in a weird way excited by the incident. as we talked about what happened, my family member became worried about driving home that night. that person was fearful as they left, and i felt it too. i closed the curtains in my second story bedroom because i didn't want to see the night sky, which stayed close for a few weeks afterward. we both still have some uncertain feelings regarding the incident.

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Credit: MUFON

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