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Monday, October 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Hopkins, Minnesota on 2016-12-14 16:44:00 - Saw ufos only in pics, trying to take pic of weird rainbow-ish thing; last pic has rectangle in sun area---a possible entity?

Someone noticed a strange rainbow-looking thing in the sky from the room window and brought it to my attention. so, i thought i'd take a picture, ending up taking two pictures. we didn't notice anything out of the ordinary as far as any ufo's are concerned, before, during or after my picture-taking, while we were looking out of the window. it was suggested that i should get a picture of the sun with the rainbow-looking thing in the sky. i then took two pictures of the rainbow-looking thing and the sun. it wasn't until later, when i and the other person looked at the pictures that we noticed the mushroom-shaped object(s) in the sky. neither i nor the person i was with recalled seeing any flying objects in the sky when we had seen the rainbow-type thing in the sky. it's difficult to ascertain as to whether or not there are two ufo's or only one moving very fast. then again, maybe it's just weather balloons (no ufo blasphemy intended!). also looking at one of the pictures with the sun in it, there appears to be a small rectangle or square in the direction of the sun. i know it's not my reflection because it's too far away. what is it? because we were indoors during this phenomenon, we didn't hear these things make any noise and since we didn't notice any ufos/weather balloons until after we saw them in the pictures, we didn't see them move; we didn't see them with the naked eye, period. i haven't been scared, freaked out or had any other negative emotions regarding this phenomenon. the person i was with believed it to be a weather balloon, but i was open to whatever it could possibly be. whether it's a ufo or just a weather balloon, i'm fascinated by it either way.

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Credit: MUFON

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