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Monday, October 9, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Albany, Oregon on 2017-10-09 03:30:00 - A bright, star-like ufo that hovered, swiggled, shifted about above the moon and travelled with the moon as if tethered.

At my job, i work the night shift. i was on my lunch break at work. the time was around 3:30am. i just finished eating lunch and had a minor urge to go outside and look for ufos, something i do often on my breaks. i thought "why not just give a quick look before i go back to work". i walk outside and see the moon, very bright in the clear, cloudless sky. i stare at the moon and enjoy its beautiful. then i notice a reddish-orange star-like object to the direct left of the moon. it was slightly upper-left. i noticed that it was moving around slightly. i couldnt believe it. it looked like a star but it twitched and bobbed, and moved around randomly, erratic, kinda like a drawing made of small squiggly lines, as if it was trying to find its "place" in the sky near the moon.. sometimes it would "freeze" in place, the shortly after, it moved up and down and all sorts of random directions in small increments of distance. subtle but obvious too. i stare at this reddish-orange star-like object for the rest of my break. i decide last minute to get my friend, who is my supervisor, to check it out. three of my co-worker friends are hanging out inside the building where i work. i say "hey guys, wanna see a ufo?". they agree and follow me outside where the moon is. i tell them to look at the star-like object directly to the left of the moon. they all notice the movement of the "star". we are all perplexed at what we see. they say "what if its a satellite? or an illusion?" i dont think it could be a hovering satellite, nor any kind of illusion ive ever seen. i notice a plane flying by and i point out the size difference between the two and how the plane looks a lot closer than this starlike ufo. about 15mins go by, and my co-worker friends go back to work. i stay a little longer to see if anything else happens. it does the same strange, random moments over and over. i go back to work. my work has 15 minute breaks every 2 hours. im so excited to see it again, i take my break at 4:30am and go i straight to a nice spot in the dark street outside my workplace, so i can watch the ufo. the moon has across the sky, toward the north, but the ufo was still in the same distance from the moon as an hour ago. i take my fingers and measure how far it is from the moon. i put my pointer and middle finger at arms length, and decide the star-like ufo is about two finger distance from the moon. i noticed occasionally i would see a brief flash of light, maybe from the moon or sunlight? looked like a silver flash of light, tiny and very brief. happened when it moved around. i take some pictures and video. some pictures came out but the video is too dark to see the ufo bobbing/wiggling around near the moon. at this point i realize i need binoculars or a telescope if i want to be serious about ufo hunting. my break ends and i go back inside, back to work. its my last break, at 6am. the moon is again in a different spot in the sky, more north, and the starlike ufo is still hovering next to the moon, same distance as before. my friend billy and this new female named melissa are looking at it. melissa says "is it alien?". i say "i dont know". then billy, my coworker friend tells me about a time when he got off of work around 4am, laid back in his truck and saw a similar object. he said it moved fast in a circle, and just whipped away. he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. while billy told his story, i stared at the object near the moon. at this point, i realize that the ufo must be attracted to the moon's gravity. how else could it keep a distance from the moon so consistently over such a long period of time? i tilt my head to the left so that the ufo is directly above the moon and sure enough, it looks like its hovering inside possibly the gravitational field of the moon. its like the ufo is tethered to the moon. it will move slightly left and right, and also up and down from that "home" hovering position but it tries to "center" itself in one area above the moon, trying to keep the object steady. the movement reminds me of how bob lazar describes ufos as moving "goofy" in the sky. then something interesting happens. i see a tiny bluish light moving across the sky near the moon. i then see the starlike ufo move up and away from this bluish light, then back down as it passes. i realize the bluish light was a satellite and it appeared that the ufo was trying to avoid collision as it moved up and away from the small satellite as it passed thru. the small bluish satellite continued to move away from the moon at a steady velocity. the ufo continued to hover and make no noise whatsoever. which makes sense since it looked to be very far away. i go back inside and go back to work. i take another peek outside near sunrise, hoping to see a craft in the sunlight. i see the starlike ufo again in the twilight of morning around 7am, and its still doing its odd, subtle movements. i go back inside. i come back out one last time at 7:30am. the sun has risen but i can only barely see the moon now. i look for the starlike ufo, and its no where to be found. i lost it. i go back inside to my job. after work, around 8:50am, i am leaving my workplace and i look carefully at the moon for any craft. i do not see anything near the moon. its like its completely gone, only a memory now from the night-time. i keep looking but see nothing. i ride my scooter home and wonder if i will see the same starlike object again tonight.

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Credit: MUFON

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