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Monday, October 30, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Parksville, British Columbia on 2016-03-25 19:33:00 - 5 or 6 trangular lights turned 90 degrees hovered directly above broke up sped away

I am from a scientific background studied engineering in university and never believed in ufo's but i cannot deny what i saw. it was 5 changing to 4 bright lights in a triangular shape. i was near the beach in an rv park and it moved slowly in a straight line to the east of me, made a sharp 90 degree turn and proceeded to a position directly overhead where it stopped. it did not move for a few minutes then proceeded back to its original path. the lights then seemed to break up and some went directly east while others went to the south,they were capable of very high speeds and stopping abruptly. one by one they disappeared. i managed to snap a 5.6 second exposure of the last object just before it disappeared on my digital camera. the last object was stopped when i took the picture but because it was a hand held time exposure it made an irregular streak on the image. i told several friends about it but they just laughed it off so i kept silent. there was one more person standing near me that witnessed it too. i am not a ufo hunter and the best way i can describe it is to say that i saw a triangular formation of unidentifiable lights that seemed do act in a manner that i cannot explain. so it may fit the category of a group of unidentifiable flying lights. as i do not believe in et's i am still seeking a rational and logical explanation. my camera automatically records time dates and other information so i can be very precise about that information. there was an airport to the north about 60 km away that had ties to the air force. i will see if i can attach an image that basically shows the last bright light poorly photographed. i want to remain anonymous. i am a hobby photographer and am trying to recall this event as honestly and clearly as i can. there was a third person that i know who witnessed this event that i have not spoken to about it.

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Credit: MUFON

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