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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Durant , Oklahoma on 2008-07-12 00:00:00 - I have never seen an object as big as that before in my life, especially on a lake

In 2008 i and two of my friends traveled from norman oklahoma, to lake texhoma in durant oklahoma. during the day time we enjoyed tubing and lounging on the beaches of lake texhoma. after spending all day out on the lake we decide to go back to my friends lake house and relax for a while after spending the whole day in the sun. approximately around 10:00 pm we decided that we should get cleaned up and go to the catfish marina. to get there we had to go back to my friends dock where his boat was located and travel out of the "no wake" zone to get out in to the open lake. after passing thru the no wake zone and passing underneath the only train bridge on the lake were about 100 feet from the marina when i realized i had left my wallet at my friends lake house. knowing that employees of the marina would most likely not let me in without an id we decide it has been a long day and maybe we shouldn't go to the marina and we just ride around and enjoy the quiet dark lake because not many people are on the lake at that time. when started heading back to our dock and we passed underneath the train bridge again, i noticed a white soilid light on top of a hill approximately 25-30 feet about the beach. the light was moving in a manner that reminded us of a lighthouse light except there was no lighthouse there previously and the light itself didn't necessarily look like a lighthouse light. after about a minute of observing the light, the light stopped moving and fixated on our boat. from there the light somehow went from on that hill to on the water or hovering over the water. the strange thing about this is that me and one other friend new that what were seeing was not normal but for some reason we kept trying to rationalize while my other friend knew something strange was happening. i think the fear made us try believe it was something normal but it just wasn't. from there the object began to mirror our movements so to speak. it was heading in the same direction as us, towards the no wake zone. at first we really couldn't grasp the size of the object because it wasn't on the water but hovering over it. it wasn't until we reached the no wake zone to we realized that what we were seeing was blocking the entire wake zone. then and only did we notice the sheer size of this object. i remember specifically looking at my friend who was standing in front me watching this object and he is looking straight up and down like the object is a building in a downtown city. so the object is blocking the no wake zone and we fear that we are going to run in to the object which is apporximately 20 feet from us, so we turn right hard and that is when we saw a smaller object that had a small green light attached to it. this object was smaller and we could tell that it was actually on the water like a boat. this object was even more perplexing because it was smaller than our boat but we could tell whatever the object was it had an occupant or a rider but was solid black except for the small green light it emitted. at this point we have gone from curious to completely terrified and my friend who owned the boat decided to ask the occupant on the smaller object what this bigger object was doing on the lake. we received no answer from the occupant and we started arguing among ourselves as what this other object could be. i remember my friend saying " there is no way that's a boat" and when he made that statement the object zoomed away without building any speed. it went from one side of the lake to the other side of the lake within like a second and left a wake trail in the water from the spot near us to the other side of the lake. from there we could see the green light blinking for a couple seconds and the light disappears completely and when we look back to the right the larger original object is gone too. after all of this happen we go back to the lake house terrified as to what we might have witnessed but another strange aspect we couldn't explain is why we got home around 12:30 am. we left the lake house originally around 10:00 pm and where traveled shouldn't have taken over 45 mins there and back.

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Credit: MUFON

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