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Sunday, October 29, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Quezaltepeque, La Libertad Department on 2011-06-04 00:00:00 - I saw it with my cousin on my way to the nearest airport. it moved from left to right side hovered, and then was close almost above us and went straight up and disappeared!

I was on a trip to el salvador . when my family was on the way to take me to the airport, so i can go back home to l.A at the time. i was in the back of a pick up truck. since it's aloud in el salvador . lol. and it was about 3 to 4am . i first saw the object very close and woke my cousin up because he was asleep in the back of the truck with me . i told him look and we both observed it. it was first on our left side , and it quickly moved left again it was spinning very fast when it moved left and then stopped and hovered. then it returned to almost same spot it was, so it spinned right, and hovered. we were able to see the window's many all around the disc, so this ufo was big. bigger then an airplane. it was for example so close as when a plane is about to land, and you can hear loudly the engine. but with the ufo there was no sound .It went left and right about 4 times . i took a camera out and tried to record it but because of the vastness of the sky i wasn't able to focus on it. i don't know why but it just wouldn't capture it. it then went almost above us and hovered, and then just went straight up so fast it disappeared quickly! i can't believe i witnessed this and when i hear people or shows about ufos it's hard to believe it, but i think to myself; i saw one and i was with someone when i saw it. so i know i'm not crazy. and my cousin saw it and it was soooo close it couldn't be mistaken. we were still in the middle of nowhere. we weren't close to the airport yet, and it was so early in the morning . it's crazy but i have to believe . i will never forget the experience .And i hope one day i see one again. but i feel here in the us it will be hard to see one again. maybe i was lucky enough to see one, just one time, or maybe i will see one again. it seemed as if it was on purpose for us to see it . i was about 13 years old when i saw it. i believe in god very much, but i have to also believe that what i saw .

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Credit: MUFON

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