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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Red Bluff, California on 1982-07-14 20:08:00 - A hovering black triangle makes complete revolution.

The date and time are approximate. i think it was 1982. i was about twelve years old, and with my navy brother who was visiting the family, aged about twenty-one, and we were hiking on our parents property, about twenty-five miles west of red bluff, california; elevation about 1100 feet. it was night, and to the best of my memory, we were talking about what heaven must be like, as we looked at the clear, beautiful night sky. at one point i looked-up into the dark sky, and saw a black triangle blocking out the stars. it was motionless and made no sound. i can't remember if it had lights, but i don't think it did. as i looked, it did a quick and complete 360 revolution. i was so astonished, i started to cry. my brother, who is near sighted, did not see it. i felt like the object "winked" at me, letting me know it was aware i was looking at it. if i were to hold my arm out, the object would be somewhere between the size of an aspirin and dime. i did not know what the object was, but it was unlike anything i had ever seen in the sky before. it was so long ago, and i do not remember how i lost sight of the object.

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Credit: MUFON

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