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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Cadiz, Kentucky on 2017-10-24 10:05:00 - Two groups of 15-20 orbs/discs flying above each other changing & swirling

At approximately 10 am on tuesday, october 24th, on the 4th hole of a local golf course i noticed some unusual lights in the sky. at first i thought it might be birds, but it wasn't. these objects where in two groups - one stacked above the other - approximately 15-20 in a group. they appeared to be orbs or discs. they flashed bright on one side then dark. these objects moved in a swirling pattern changed positions with one group being above the other then switching. i noticed a vortex like motion in the interaction of the groups. they appeared to be stationary in that the groups were not moving in any appreciable left of right direction. my friends and i observed them for approximately 5 minutes and then they just disappeared. no quick or slow motion away in any direction - just gone. in my observations i noticed what appeared to be a sort of "phasing" in and out of the visible spectrum. solid one moment then less so. the objects were relatively small, but distance and size were hard to estimate in the sky that was cloudless in the area where we saw them. approximately 70 - 75 degrees above the horizon. very strange sensation when they just "blinked out."

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Credit: MUFON

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