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Saturday, November 4, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Guildford, England on 1986-07-03 00:00:00 - Hovering light/orb that short straight up after some time

I grew up in a village at the base of the north downs in surrey england during the summer holidays myself my brother my 2 sisters and a few friends spent a lot of time investigating the pill boxes left over from ww2 on the north downs, one particular one which had since been covered up was one we visited on a regular basis. on one very sunny day we were there messing about. baring in mind on a good day you could see the south downs and gatwick airport from the view point and on this day we could see both. therefore we could see planes landing and taking off (but as specks on the horizon) as our view was to the south, gatwick was on our left in the distance. at some point someone and i cannot remember who pointed out a bright light at about 45 degrees from our view point. we all assumed this was a plane coming into gatwick but heading straight towards us before it turned towards the airport as it looked as though it was a plane head on reflecting of the sun which would have been either above or directly behind at this time of day in the summer. however it didn’t turn it didn’t get bigger or smaller it just stayed exactly where it was so a natural curiosity grew for us all. in all honesty i cannot say for how long it stayed there but it must have been 5 minutes at least. then within a blink of the eye it shot straight up and out of sight leaving a trace behind it. although this happened years ago and i’ve no evidence ive spoken to those that were there since and they all remember the event. baring in mind i was all of 13yrs old at the time it to this day is one of my most vivid memories of my youth and although i’m a believer in the fact there is other things out there now before this time my only thought or aliens and ufos at this time was from things like star trek of which i’d never had any interest in. i don’t expect an investigation as i have no physical evidence but after all this time i needed to report it as it’s something that has always been in my memory but i’ve never spoken about as people look at you like your mad when you do. since this point, and i don’t want to sound like i’m a crazy person but i’ve got and odd lump on the back of my left forearm that is neither soft or hard causes no pain but is not usual. i have attached a picture of this is of any interest?

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Credit: MUFON

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