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Friday, November 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in New Milford, Connecticut on 2017-11-16 16:01:00 - Large oblong silver disc with ball or egg shape structure attached. materialized descending and turning and then ascended and disappeared.

I was driving near an area i had seen a ufo a year earlier. the weather conditions were the same as the last sighting. the air had a feeling to it that was familiar and i was compelled to drive to the location. i had a feeling i was going to see something. i parked the car so i could look at the area of sky i saw the last one in. i rolled down the side window and got my binoculars and iphone camera ready. i was there about twenty minutes watching passenger jet traffic. i looked down at my iphone and when i looked at the sky again the craft appeared descending in a turning maneuver. it then started to ascend still turning. i took my eyes off it for less than a second to take a picture and when i looked again it was gone. very frustrating! i decided i would take some pictures of the sky anyway to see if the camera could see what i could not. and in one of the pictures an object was there but much further away and no longer had the brilliance it once had. i noticed the object because i was looking for it and it was bright silver and reflecting light from the low sun on the horizon. i have seen jets reflect the sun in the same way at times but the shape, maneuvering, and flight characteristics was nothing like a jet. it did not seem to be relying on the atmosphere for flight. i can’t describe it entirely but it had a kind of floating flight. the object looked like an oval disc with a strange ball or egg sitting on top something like a tea cup on a saucer. they seemed to be two separate parts. like one was getting a ride from the other. it was extremely bright silver and was reflecting light from the sun. at the distance i saw it at i would estimate it to at least be the size of a boeing 747. the strangest thing is i knew i would see it. i could feel it in the air. the air felt the same as when i saw one about a year earlier in the same location. we had just had rain and the storm was over. the sky was clearing with very few clouds left. i even had the car positioned so well the object appeared in the center of the piece of sky i was watching through the drivers side window. even though i had the camera in my lap it was something so out of the ordinary it was almost hypnotizing. i had to force myself to try to take a picture. file #1 original picture, file#2 enlargement, file #3 three things in a row, clouds? file#4 enlargement, file #5 color enhanced enlargement. i will also send drawings with compass headings, gps coordinances, etc.

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Credit: MUFON

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