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Saturday, November 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Miami, Florida on 2017-11-18 00:00:00 - It traveled from left to right across the screen

Hello me and my brother were watching the nascar championship race from homestead miami. it was during a caution in the race about 20 laps to go in the first stage. the camera was looking from the pits towards the track. i think it was focusing on a pit crew member who was standing with one leg up on the wall and was wearing blue. i do not know who he was but in the bacground of that shot their is a ufo. a flying disc goes by in the background of the picture it only lasts about 5 or 6 seconds but is plain as day if you look beond the pit guy they were showing. it goes left to right about maybe 500 feet above the ground above and behind the granstands in what would be i think turn one. the camera then changed shots and that was the end of it. nobody mentioned seeing it but we rewound it about 20 times and it is a flying disc no question about it whether it is a real ufo i do not know. it was on nbcsn tv. also as it flew left to right it kind of turned and went up and you could see the domes one on the top and it looked like one on bottom also. that is all the camara shows 5 or 6 seconds worth. i am suprised none of the commentaters mentioned seeing it or that somebody else had seen it. like i said it was in the background of the shot upwards and to the left on the screen then goes to the right and up and thats all. well i thank you very much for letting me tell you this and if you could keep me posted. sincerely dennis rust

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Credit: MUFON

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