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Monday, November 20, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Rainier, Washington on 2017-10-11 17:50:00 - I went out to take pictures of the sunset.

On october 11, 2017, i went out to take pics of the sunset from my back porch. i didn’t notice at the time, but in my photos i captured what looks like an aqua blue green orb hovering about 20-30 feet directly in front of me towards the south. it seems to be staying in the branches of the tree in the photos. it moves from left to right through 5 photos all taken within seconds of each other. the fifth photo in which the orb appears, it almost looks as if the object swings around the end of the branch of the tree. and in the following photo (6) the orb appears back towards the left again. but, now in the branches of a much larger tree which is 80 - 100 ft away. in every photo of the orb. i used the live photo mode on my iphone 7plus. in each photo, as i swipe through them on my phone, i see the split second of recorded action that this mode implements. it is enough time to see that the orb appears to wobble. also, in two or three of the photos you can almost see an aura around the orb. and in photo 5, as the orb appears to turn and whip around the branch, it reflects the light of the sunset very briefly. i did not notice the orb in these photos until about an hour ago as i was browsing through my phone. the same day that i had taken these, i had cropped one of these photos and one of the same tree. the photo of the same tree was taken one minute before the photos with the orb. i had taken two photos of this tree before the photos with the orb. the two photos that i cropped i posted to my fb that same evening. i just went back and checked my fb. the orb is in the picture that i had posted. i have attached the two photos taken one minute before the orb appeared, in addition to the photos with the orb, to use as reference.

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Credit: MUFON

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