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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Brüggen, Nordrhein-Westfalen on 2017-09-21 22:14:00 - When driving home on september 21st 2017, i saw a bright light flying next to me in the night sky.

The event took place at approximately 10:14 pm on september 21st, 2017. i was driving home from my volleyball practice on a rural road called "happelter heide" near the village of brüggen (postal code 41379) in germany. i was listening to music, and my driving speed was approximately 100 km/h. when i was randomly looking outside my left window, i noticed a bright light in the sky (for the exact location, please refer to the map i uploaded as picture). i was immediately wondering what this light could be. it was significantly bigger than a star, but just a bit smaller than the moon. i could not see any structural components of the flying object, all i could see was a very bright, white light that seemed to be triangular in shape (could have been three lights in the corners of a triangle that were so bright that it looked like one big light). as mentioned, the light was white in color, even though there was a very very subtle colorful pulsating shine in it. it reminded me of a very subtle nacre-effect. the object did not have any kind of emission. i was really stunned for one moment because this object seemed to be so strange and remarkable that it made my brain stop working for a second. i had a look on the street again, to make sure, i'm not going offroad while watching the object. when i looked back at the object, i noticed that it was flying on a 9 o'clock position from me. it seemed to have the exact same speed than i did (still around 100 km/h). it gave me the impression that this object is observing me, as it completely matched pace with me, and flew exactly at 90 degrees left from my driving direction. in terms of altitude, i can only say, it was approximately 30 degrees above the horizon (definitely lower than 45 degrees). it did not increase or decline altitude. it was very hard for me to identify the actual altitude and size of the object. either it was really far away and quite big, or rather near and smaller. due to it not changing position relative to me, the perspective really didn't allow to make assumptions on distance from me and its actual size. the motion was steady and smooth, as i said, it was going exactly as fast as i did. i could not hear any sounds, which might have been because i was inside the car and listening to music. the ufo did not land. no entities have been seen. while i saw the object, i felt amazed and shocked at the same time. as mentioned before, for a short moment, i really kind of froze, and was not able to do anything than look at this object. overall, i would describe the experience as exciting. around 10 seconds after i saw the object for the very first time, it disappeared behind the trees of a small forest that lies next to the road (see map for more details). i tried to check for the object several times after that, but i could not see it anymore. my first thought about this object was, that it could have been a drone. however, some reasons make me doubtful about that. first of all, why would someone use a drone in pure darkness above a large corn field? secondly, the lights just seemed to be too bright, to be part of a drone. though i cannot remember that the lights really lightened up the area, the seemed to be almost a bit blinding (like a very strong floodlight beam taht you look into directly). thirdly, the movement of the object is making me feel doubtful. sure, there are drones that can fly much faster than 100 km/h, but also the smoothness and steadiness and the exact pace of the motion felt kind of unreal. therefore, i decided to file a report about this sighting.

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Credit: MUFON

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