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Friday, November 10, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Cincinnati, Ohio on 1992-11-10 18:55:00 - There was sevral ufo's in the sky. we saw what looked to be an airplane hover around these objects and then red lights came from the airplane and hit an orb.

Words can not describe what we saw. i have never seen anything like this before in my life. we were leaving a local food joint when i had this weird feeling in my belly to look up in the sky. i seen really colorful disc like orbs hovering in the air in formation of a light scattered pattern. i stopped in the middle of the street and my cousin was behind me. i got out of my van and pointed it out to them they were shocked asking me over and over what it was. all i can think to myself is a ufo several of them! i told them i thought they were saucers. but then this jet like hovering craft started to circle them. there was 2 led like white lights on both of its wings (the airplane like object). this went on for at least 2 min before small burst of red lights came from the plane like object. once the light hit the saucers a giant red flame like tale came out of the back of them and they started dropping in a circle like falling motion. i seen 3-4 of the several saucers fall towards the ground. they fell so fast with a giant flame like tail but i never seen them land there was trees in the way. we got in our cars and drove in the direction of the saucers. let me mind you this entire time there was not one sound we did not hear a thing we just seen it all. i pulled over again at my bank to try to get a video now that my phone was charge but they wouldn't show up on my phone screen not even the plane. so i got back into my car and called my wife and asked her if she can see them. she answered with no but she was a few towns over. the plane looked like it shot more burst of lights at the direction of the saucers and it repeated this time i was so close i could make out the shape of the object and some features. they fell so fast to the ground but i couldn't see where they landed or if they landed, at this point i was so scared and sweating. i rushed home after i didn't see any more lights just planes. there was a black helicopter i believe rushing in the direction of the saucers fall path and i seen air planes in random spots in the sky as if they were scanning the area. these airplanes were so stealthy that i didn't hear it one time nor could i hear the saucers. the only craft that i heard was the helicopter. no explosive sounds or shooting sounds. just glowing objects and weird airplanes. i was so shaken up that i rushed home and started looking up lights in the sky to see if anyone around had seen what i just saw. nothing.. the only people that seen what i saw were my cousin and his girlfriend, and possibly more unknown people. no one can tell me i didn't see what i saw and the images will be in my mind forever. it looked so animated i just couldn't believe it. now its been almost 3 hours since it all went down and i'm still puzzled on what i witnessed and if anyone else had seen it. and yes i keep looking in the sky.

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Credit: MUFON

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