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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Edinburgh, Scotland on 1997-07-30 02:00:00 - Saw two lights on horizon that hadnt seen before minutes later a helicopter flew towards then lights flew behind hill helicopter followed

I was in my house in the kitchen making a cup of tea when i noticed two lights that i hadn't seen before on the horizon, at first i thought it was maybe a new building site with scaffolding that had big spot lights on for working at night or security. i watched theses two lights but couldn't make out any outlines of what it was attached to which i suppose was what kept my curiosity, after maybe 10/15 minutes of watching these two lights i heard a low rumble niose which i thought was my kettle again but quickly realised it wasnt and the low rumble turned into a helicopter engine that soon appeared flying past my house and towards the lights. this is when i saw the two bright lights starts to move away and slowly vanishes behind the hill on left of my veiw with the helicopter following soon after still hearing its engine but never heard any other noise from lights. they could have been two objects with exact distance kept threw out or one object with lights but couldn't see anything else, it was dark but could still tell the helicopter was what it was. i have told some friends and family but not any authority

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Credit: MUFON

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