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Saturday, November 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Montoursville, Pennsylvania on 1999-03-31 00:00:00 - Fast moving chevron shape with shimmering apperance.

Although this event happened 18 yrs ago, i can remember it as if it happened only yesterday!It was an unusually warm evening for pa this early in the year.My wife and myself had just put the kids to bed for the night,and i decided to go out on our deck and enjoy the warm evening sky.I was only out for a few minutes,and i decided to ask my wife to come out,since it was so nice.We both went out and leaned on the deck railing,and we were looking to the west.Suddenly i saw movement,and i alerted my wife ,and pointed to the object and exclaimed,"what is that?"we both witnessed the object pass directly overhead until our field of view was blocked by our neighbors tree.The object was a slight vee shape,with a very faint light at the ends of each wing.It had no discernible fuselage or empennage.It seemed also to have a shimmering effect,which may have been due to the distortion of the warm air.The size of the object was equal to extending your arm,and stretching you thumb and index finger apart.The interesting thing to me was that there was no sonic boom for the incredible speed that the object was moving.Using google earth as a reference, i have estimated the point where i first saw the object, and upon calculating the speed, i estimate that it was travelling in excess of 2500 mph! either it was tremendous in size,and moving above the atmosphere,or it was much lower,and somehow avoided creating a shock wave. my feeling is that it was about 2000 to 3000ft agl.If the object wasin the atmosphere,it had no audible means of propulsion.My wife stated that it looked more like a straight line with a light on each end.We were both in our late thirties at the time.I am a licensed pilot,and a major buff on military aviation,and aerospace technology.I live near the approach end of the williamsport regional airport,and am familiar with all the aircraft that frequent the airport.I feel that i am a very competent witness,and i can honestly say that if what we saw that night was classified military hardware,we are light years ahead of the de-classified technology that exists in the skies today!If you wish to contact me for additional information,feel free to do so.

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Credit: MUFON

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