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Sunday, November 19, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Kansas City, Missouri on 2017-11-19 15:30:00 - Watching hawk fly in sky and sighted 25 orbs, clear to blue in color. moving up down side ways amongst each otherwith focused intent. picture attempt . phone dead for 5 minutes. after sighting. not wind blown.

Broad day light. clear sky. no visual obstructions in any way. a friend of mine and my self were standing in my yard observing a small hawk on the hunt for squirrels and small prey for lunch in out neighborhood. as we watched him dodge and dart about i looked up for mr. hawk and plain as day and clear as a bell we saw 25 orbs in a frenzy and all working the same area. these objects or orbs were kind of clear to blue in color. they initially looked to be big bubbles and then my friend and i both noticed that these orbs had small wedge like wings on them. kind of like a bubble with sharp "v" shaped wings attached to the center of the orbs. each orb had two wings. one on each side of the round orb or object. the wings were pointed and sharply joined in the front and then flaring out and progressively become wider at the back of the object. they were 100% not just floating in the wind and being tossed about by the wind currents... while my friend tried to take a picture with his cell phone, i counted each and every one of them within my sight. there were 25 of them. all orbs were totally busily working in a fixed area straight out in front of us and absolutely nothing to block our view. they looked to be focused on working in a small contained area in the sky. some orbs moved up, some down, some side ways and all at the same time saying close to one another. constant movement in all directions. but never straying from their original area that we sighted them in . kind of looked like fish feeding on fish food. that type of a pattern. we watched for about two minutes and then this group started to move off to the north of us. we walked about 90 feet as to look again and they seemed to just fade out as they sped on quickly out of our sight. my friend was constantly trying to take pictures with his cell phone and it is a good one. it would not take pictures of the orbs...My friends cell phone totally went down and out with no power for about five minutes and within about five minutes after the orbs were gone..His phone powered right up and working fine. i have never seen a ufo of any type in my life and i have looked many times as to see one and not with one result until today at 330pm on 11-19-17. and in my own back yard. i am an older man now and too old to waste my time telling big lies on the internet for attention. my friend saw it all as well. clear as a bell. no chance for in the world for it to be any thing other than 25 orbs with easy to see wings on them. good day.

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Credit: MUFON

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