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Friday, November 3, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory on 1992-12-31 13:30:00 - Rocket shaped object seen

My wife and i were travelling by car from sydney to canberra on 31-12-92, intending to spend new years eve with relatives in canberra. it was a clear sunny day. at approximately 1-30 pm we were approximately forty five kilometres from canberra, and close to a vineyard called lake george winery. i negotiated a bend in the road, and immediately saw an object in the sky some distance ahead, at a low altitude. my first thoughts were that i was observing a head on view of a boeing 747. this aroused some consternation, as i knew that canberra airport did not have a runway capable of handling a 747, and i could not understand why a 747 would be at such a low altitude. the road lapsed into several bends with some trees, and i lost sight of the object. after negotiating the bends, the road was then straight for a couple of kilometres. as soon as i came through the bends, we both regained our view of the object, only then, it was a full side view, and we both were astonished to see a rocket shaped craft, hovering at approximately 100 metres above some low hills to the north, with these hills in turn, approximately 190 metres above the road we were on. i have calculated these measurements using google earth. i stopped the car, and we got out and further observed the object. we were approximately 800 metres from the object. the object was a classical rocket shape, approximately 45 metres in length, approximately 6 metres in diameter, slightly tapering towards the rear. it was a grey colour, and there was a single row of windows for nearly the full length. i do not recall the exact shape of the windows, only that they were there. there were no protrusions whatsoever on the outside of this object. there was a cloud of steam like vapour around the tail end of this object, no sign of pressure, more like steam from a parked steam locomotive. i had a cam recorder in the car and retrieved it, and attempted to take a movie of the object, and my camera would not switch on. yet i used it later in canberra without a problem. suddenly the object just disappeared, one minute it was there, and then it disappeared. the cloud of steam like vapour stayed in the sky for a few more seconds before disappearing.

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Credit: MUFON

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