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Monday, November 20, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Frankfort, Kentucky on 2017-11-20 20:45:00 - Unknown vehicle in sky, hovered, then took off with strange array of lights.

I was driving home after dark and as i got near my house, saw a very bright light through the trees. it looked too low, too large, and too bright to be an aircraft, but i thought it might be a helicopter. i rolled down my window expecting to hear the sounds of rotors, but heard nothing, complete silence. as i pulled in my driveway, keeping my eyes on it, it didn’t appear to be moving. i got out of my car and stared intently at the light, which at the time appeared to be one big round light. i still heard nothing. the object started moving straight up and it appeared that another much smaller light off to the right of the object flashed brighter for a second, and i couldn’t really determine the direction, but it appeared that a beam of light flashed between the larger object and the smaller one. then the smaller one appeared to blink out. the object then stopped moving up and started moving in a northeasterly direction. as it passed over, i appeared to have two rows of yellow lights, fore and aft, with other white lights blinking in a diamond pattern. it picked up speed and was moving away rapidly, and the fire and aft lights appeared to turn white. before it got too much farther away, the lights appeared to turn green. there was absolutely no noise, from the first sighting to when it disappeared, which seemed unusual for how close it was to the ground. when it first started ascending, before the other object appeared to flash or be flashed by this object, there was an airplane in the same general vicinity, moving fairly fast, but far higher in the sky, judging by comparative size. we have a small airport here as well as a national guard base, so i’m used to all kinds of aircraft, but this was unusual for its pattern of movement, size, and complete lack of sound.

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Credit: MUFON

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