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Monday, November 13, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Bridgewater, Virginia on 2017-11-10 20:30:00 - Walklooked up and saw aircraft flying over house, then over me, and then disappeared or too dark to see once past my yard. triangle-shaped with rounded edged, black/dark, no lights, no sound.

I went outside with my dog around 8 p.M. and was watching the sky. about 8:30 p.M. i got frustrated and bored because i hadn't seen anything in the sky, so i decided to go back inside. i was almost on my porch to walk in the door and a dark slow-moving object caught the periphery of my eye. i looked straight up over me and about 40-50 feet above me was a very dark triangle-shaped aircraft with rounded edges, flat surface on the bottom and it was too close and too dark to see what the shape was on the top of the aircraft. it had 3 oblong-shaped structures going down both sides on of the aircraft. i don't know if the oblong-shaped structures were windows or just the design because nothing was shiny on it whatsoever. no lights at all. no sound to it at all. nothing emitting light on it or off of it. no weather changes. no wind from it going by. it was going very slow of 10-15 mph in the same straight path. i had my iphone and already had the camera open on it to take pictures because i like taking pictures of the sky all the time. i quickly lifted my phone straight up above me and only had time to take 2-3 pictures before it disappeared past my yard. this all happened within 5-7 seconds. i have a small 2-story barn-shaped building at the edge of my back yard and when it flew over that i couldn't see it any more (i have a pretty small yard of about 30-40 feet maybe) either because it was too dark, it disappeared, or i just couldn't see it because my barn-shaped building blocks the view from being able to see anything past it anyway. i looked through my pictures, as i had taken about 20 of them that night, but the only thing i saw that showed up was a few stars. it was very dark and clear that night. no clouds and about a quarter moon. my house is shaped like an l. where i was walking into the house is where the l of my house is, which is why i never saw it coming, and i didn't see it until it was almost right over me. the only colors i could see were black and could only tell what shape it was because it blocked out the stars as it flew over me. i could only see the oblong-shaped structures on both edges when it was straight over me. other than that, you could only see the out-lined shape of it when it blocked the stars. i went through all my pictures i took, as i had taken about 20, and i couldn't see anything in the photos, just black, but it was so close to me and i had set the camera to zoom in all the way in order to take closer pictures of the stars, so considering it was on zoom and the aircraft was so close to me, all that would showed up was black.

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Credit: MUFON

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