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Sunday, November 12, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Bennettsville, South Carolina on 1999-03-31 22:00:00 - Humungous round "moon-like" glowing orb with white lights covering whole thing hovering above treetops. two other small "dots" next to each other zigzag upward into the sky together.

I was a corrections officer at evans correctional facility located in bennettsville,sc. i was on duty that night and assigned to be outside monitoring the perimeter of the prison. at the time of the event i was driving the security truck 10 miles an hour around the outermost fence of the entire prison. the prison fence is in the shape of a rectangle but with rounded corners. as i came around one of the corners in the front to head toward the back left, there was a huge object (about 3 times the size of the moon when it's closest to the earth) sitting on the tops of the palmetto trees located at the back of the prison property. i just stopped the truck and stared for a moment in disbelief. then i raced to the "hawk" post located at the back right corner of the prison. i jumped out of the truck and banged loudly on the door to be let in. i had tears streaming down my face and was hysterical. i was screaming for the officer in there to give me his binoculars. i got them and got back in the truck and sped back around to where i had seen the object but it was gone. i drove to the back of the prison and got out of the truck and just looked around up at the sky. after a little while i noticed two tiny lights in the sky that zigzagged up into the sky and disappeared. after about a half hour i received a call on the radio asking why i was not making my rounds around the perimeter of the prison by a lieutenant on the inside of the prison. i told him he needed to come outside. he did and i told him what i had seen and he went out back with me to have another look but i didn't see it again. i knew when i first seen it that it could not have been from this world. the whole object glowed white but it also looked as if it had tiny white lights all over it. please forgive my inability to draw well.

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Credit: MUFON

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