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Saturday, November 25, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Black Triangle Sighting in Angola, Indiana on 1962-08-31 22:00:00 - Dark gray ,to black large, 50 to 100 foot diameter. no lights , until after the hover. then the three cylinders in a triangle pattern lit up inside, maybe 10 to 15 foot deep, by 5 to 8 foot diameter. blue green glowing mildly light, circleling arrou

i have now turned 65. this event happened, when i was around ten years old. i just read your latest sighting reports. they mentioned, lights in a triangle pattern. this is similar to what i saw eventally, after the hover just above me. so i have decided to tell this event after all these years. it happened a few miles ouside of angola indiana, in 1962. my father was a college proffesser, one day a former airo student of his came flying over our house out in the country, in a huge goodyear blimp. he threw out a long rope to me out in the back yard. i caught it , he opened the big side window shut off the blimp engines, and yelled is your dad there? yes i said ill get him. dad came out, the pilot yelled i will land, and you and your son hop in. dad said can you fly over to the local airport , we will meet you there? yes said the pilot. so soon i was flying in the good year blimp with dad, and his former college student. the reason i tell you this , is the spacecraft came in a few days later and hovered less than 100 feet above me exactly where the goodyear blimp hovered a few days before throwing me the rope. it was 9 to 10 pm one night ,i was out in that back yard, with my friend from school, he was also 10 years old. i had my unitron telescope set up out in the yard looking at the stars . i herd a low base barely audible hum come and go coming from the ne, just above tree line above the huge maple trees , that i routinely climbed. i could barely make out an completely unlit up aircraft moving in my direction from 700 to 800 feet out.At less than ten miles per hour. now here is where i made the biggest mistake of my life. i was a young kid, and i had recently read an article in a magizine in town about a guy who described being ubducted, and they stuck a huge hypodermic needle up his noze to take a brain sample. they showed an artist rendition of this . being just a kid this scarred me , and i hated doctors and needles! so very quickly i ran into the house to mom and dads bedroom. they were a sleep. i grabbed my dads world war 2 45 auto pistal. from the chest next to there bed. i stuck it down my front trousers, somewhat out of site. i ran back outside , and here she came! she eased down just above me around 60 to 80 feet over my head. she stoped completely. no lights , no noise. i think they would have greeted me who knows? but i fear they saw the gun in my pants! that blew the whole deal! the aircraft slowly began to move away in a flat direction out over the valley. after it got out about 200 to 300 feet away, she lit up what i belive where here engines. in the belly of the aircraft , sitting in a perfect triangle pattern from each other , were three deep cylinders going up into the base of the aircraft. they had not been visible before until they lit up with a mild blue green glowing light. now i had some light so i could now take a close look up inside those possible engines, with my unitron telescope, i selected, a 50 0r 60 power lens , off the roller of lenses on the scope since she was still so close. very interestingly, the light inside the cylinders,or maybe engines, was rotating in a right hand direction around the inside surface of the walls of each of the three cylinders! next thing happened i thought she was going to crash! she began to tilt to the right, then come back up level then tilt to the left. it was like she was trying to get just the right angle as i began to gather she wasn't crashing, she was getting set up to go! she nozed up to about 50 or 60 degrees. the lights got a little brighter in her belly, next she lit out climbing fast! i increased the magnification to 200 power, then 400, then finally using the barlow lens in my unitron refractor scope i was at 600 power as i recall. "then she disaperred out amunst the stars. she looked like only another star, then gone. me this little kid was totally enlitened. and also very unhapy with myself for grabbing the gun. because it likely caused me to miss the chance of a lifetime. i may have had the chance to explore the universe with them. i have never seen them again threw out my 65 years of life. a few minutes later my dad came running out , and said give the gun , what are you doing? i pointed to the sky, and told him what had just happened. he said you are just seeing things . don't tell anyone what you just told me! or they will think you may be sick and crazy, and send you away. so all my life till now this has been, locked inside me. i just learned about mufon . so i have decided to tell you people what happened. i am glad to here that other people have recently seen what may be related the the same triangle lit aircraft, or should i say spacecraft. i am in hopes that they are back here. and maybe they have the power to stop the human race from distroying this planet. they must think we are a ship of fools! if they gave me another chance i would quickly climb on board with them in a heartbeat!

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Credit: MUFON

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