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Monday, November 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Linz, Upper Austria on 2001-08-31 03:12:00 - Nightprayer 3h- orb coming out of the eucharist - bright as daylight - orb slowly hovering thought my body - room dark again.Feels good - moving out at my back - room bright again - orb slowly leaving the room

I was on duty for the nightwatch at the eucharist. it was a katholic charismatik weekendmeeting, and my time was from tree to for in the morning. the eucharist was standing on the altar within an ostensorium as usual for such a nightprayer. i was sitting in in bevor the altar n approximatly 3m distance. some people were sleeping in the room. i belive i was the only one awake. while i was playing a soft song on the gitar, suddenly a bright light came out of the eucharist very slowly moving towards my. it looked like a tennis ball of light. it took one and a have songs on my gitarra for the lightball to cross the tree meters to me. if possible even slower it went thou my hand into my gittar, and moved on into my body. i didnt feel much. just the room was dark again. about at the end of the second song it came out of my body again at my backside and keept on moving throght the room for some minutes befor it disapared. i probably should mention that i was playing taize songs one taize song last normaly about 8 min in orginal. i didnt look on any watch it was by feeling but i would say the whole experience lastet about 20 min. but not less 10 min. and not more then 30 i am quite shure. and it was bright as the sun. the whole room was coverd in daylight. interpretation: for 10 years i was sure i have seen jesus. and i was just happy. when i found out about ufo aliens and the chakra aura and äthersystem i came to belive i could be the soulstar of anybody. we all have a soulstar within our aura. so the posibility that it was jesus is 1 to ? how many living beings are there in the univers who have alredy taken the way to asention? i dont know. but the more i learn the less i know. thats the only thing i still belive now.

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Credit: MUFON

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